Sip greedily on my crimson blood, drain me of mortality.

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Teeth grazing on pale skin
the soft vibration of life’s beat,
faint, needy, weak.
Drink my dear.
Pierce my
throat as you have
my heart.
Sip greedily on my crimson
blood, drain me of mortality.
Taste the essence of my desire
upon your lips as my passion
coats your tongue, my
weakness trickles down
your throat.
I give myself to you,
neck bare,
I offer my eternal slavery,
my life force, the very beats of
my feeble heart.
Drink from me.
Sustain your soul on my
Piercing screams of release,
devour me,
take all,
shackle me to your existence,
bind me to your will,
fill me with your seed of life,
spilling between lips.
Upon knees, Master,
let me drink
from your source,
nourish me in the blood
of your need, make of me
your eternal servant.
Master, make me yours,
feed to me the essence of your immortality,
drink my scarlet blood,
smeared upon your lips,
kiss me,
Lustrous Master, kiss me.

Karen Hayward (c)2017
Image and words

Scarecrow why do you guard my heart so? 


Why do you guard 

my heart so? 

For now I am 

made of tin,

Look…tap, tap, tap

A ringa tin tin. 


Why do you guard 

my heart so? 

The lion wants to know. 

For if I can 

find heart,

He can find 



Why do you guard

My heart so? 

Why do you 

abandoned me? 

For chemicals 

that interact,

based upon no

single fact? 


why do you 

abandoned me?

The lion is 

not free,

He’s a slave 

To you not me, 


Why do you 

abandon me?

Never will I 

abandon you,

But I’m made 

of tin and turning blue. 


Never will I 

abandon you. 

Tis a fool that loves 

tis true. 

But scarecrow 

never will I 

abandon you. 
Oh Tinman, 

What am I to do?  

I am afraid,

tis true. 

Oh Tinman, 

What am I to do,

I cannot let 


Hurt my precious you,

Oh Tinman,

What am I to do? 

Guard not my beating 


It was his from 

the start, 

Let us work 


together we’ll go far. 


guard not my beating 


This battle is 

all but lost,

I can calculate 

the cost, 


but hardly I can 

see you now, 

without that 

Freezing frost. 


This battle 

I have lost. 
Karen Hayward ©2016