Freddy and Jason.


Covered in blood I search for the light

as my dreams come alive in the dead of the night.

I feel his sharp nails as he claws at my skin

the veil between sleep is so very thin.

But Fred’s not alone, Jason’s, there too,

and I know in an instant my nightmares are true.

There’s no where to hide there’s no where to go,

covered in blood it’s a dream, oh I know.

But the nails are real, and Jason still comes,

and i’m losing my life as I try to out run.

A small little nick on my porcelain skin,

Freddy is dancing as the knife slips in.

They laugh as they pull gut after limb,

Tearing it out, pushing it in.

An ebbing death for fear to bring.

Karen Hayward ©2017.

Image found on pinterest.

Krueger’s coming.


Haunted in my dreams
by a killer it would seem.
He’s marked me as his own
made his intentions known. He wanders through my home
leaves notes when I’m alone.
I hear there’s been another
as they detail how she suffered.
A loud bang pulls me from my sleep
I wander in the dark along the hallway I creep.
And I wonder what is safer,
sleep or pen and paper.

Karen Hayward ©2016


I don’t know who’s heart stopped first; mine, or hers, or if it happened simultaneously. All I know is that as that sharp, high pitched alarm filled the air around me, my heart physically stopped. The air was pulled from my lungs, leaving behind a pain that flooded my entire body. A pain so immense, my legs buckled and I crumpled to the floor. Followed by a silence so deep it ensnared me, pulling me into a place so painful no living soul could survive there.