Echo of my wandering spirit…

Drowning in kaleidoscopic hues of colour,                                                  Plunging through suffocating screams of realism
Colour me in paint strokes of crimson blush
and the licked flick of a dandelions wish
kicked to the curb of impressionism
May Cezanne paint the stills of my soul
and Monet the echos of my wandering spirit
So I may inject their portrayal in arsenic
lining the canvas with mercury
till the Mad Hatter stops for tea
and the White Rabbit runs out of time…
But for the storms that rage
rains that cleanse,
washing toxicity from the chaos
so I may spend my days
in monochrome exile.

Karen Hayward ©2018

No claim to image – Cliff Walk at Pourville, 1882 — Claude Monet

Indifference, the outer shell of rebellion.


Indifference brought on by misadventure

snakes it’s way across my skin

taking root within my mind.

A rebellious soul would kick back.

An indigo child would perhaps simultaneously

implode and explode sending

ferocious atom’s scuttling to the shadows.

A troubled soul would delve into the pits

of self mutilation of the psyche.

And I am lost swimming in unknown


The shadows have been my company for too long.

I yearn to blossom among the crowds.

I endeavor to be adored, to reach for stars

to dance beneath twilight skies,

to waltz through the clumsiness of adventure.

I do not want to hide within the darkness

I want to shine among the illuminated skies.


Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)