Caught between sleep thought

Caught between two planes of existence,
slumbers promise a far of lie,
lost within the realms of my dreams
all fingers, eyes, smiles and presence,
held captive within your essence
as spectres draw me from my sleep
fingers cold dragging, pulling
gasping as touch becomes real
and I am awake, in the darkness
of eternity,
caught between the two planes of existence,
again and again and again
you are there, waiting for me to dream….
again and again and again
they are there waiting to pull me from my love.

Karen Hayward ©2018 Image and words


Has never been certain
if 5am belongs to the night
and his shadows.
A tinker, fixing the broken fragments
of my mind that shatter
on impact of thought…

… Or if it belongs
to peace of mind on morning
song bird, a symphony
of love before reality
takes another bite.

I wonder does it even matter
A moment between the worlds
the sun is yet to rise
so I sit talking to grey
melancholy skies…

Karen Hayward ©2018

The lucid call of sleep

I wake in the pits of lucidity
The heavy weight drowning me
Suffocating on air as my blood
becomes lead, and I am falling
further, my axis pulling,
screaming, crashing.
I feel the cat laying across my
hip, I feel the cold air against
my skin, I hear the echo of a tv
the whir of the fridge…
And I am there, among the white
lights, that become a rabbit that
become crystals that become diamonds and still I am drowning.
I hear the voices in my head
whispering wake up, whispering
come deeper and I know I am
dreaming, I know I have slipped
between the cracks into lucidity.
I know my night will be filled
now with an acidic aura
Plunging me through a labyrinth
of suffocation, color and drowning
so I wake, pull myself from the
claws of fantasy, spill my thoughts
onto the page and hope I have
somehow discovered the reset
button before I dive mind first
back Into the world of sleep.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words



Sleep seems to evade me lately like the plague,
my dreams cloaked in darkness and vague.
But i’m still standing,
And landing,
On my own two feet,
And from here,
Deep in the depths of despair,
I can hear my beat,
Calling my name,
pushing me on,
Always the same,
Every path has a reason,
Keep going through the seasons,
Every fight,
Will eventually bring light.
Believe in yourself,
Believe you are right,
In the
Of the
Awake and alone,
Know you were dreaming
Of your future throne.

Karen Hayward ©201

Howling call of night…

I hear the howling winds they drag me from my slumber,
Trees screaming, leaves pleading, debris flying,
Rain falling, heavy, denting, slamming on windowpane,
Where now is Selene among this raging storm,
I search for calm and find only the descent of
crimson mist, I search for light… But the soul craves darkness
Which has long arrived, I search for hope but Pandora
was left astray, unlocked…
I hear the startling call of objects dragged through
the storms mouth, teeth bared, blood dripping,
I hear the emptiness of atoms
the raging storms of nature
the familiarity of night
sat alone, as insomnia
Kisses away the shadows
that haunt.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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I cannot find Selene…

For a moment
I forget to breathe
My body is stilled
beyond sight
Dreams whisper,
reality screams
darkness floods
the thin veil
voice stolen
Illusion, delusion,

red numbers
tell me tonight
is lost, four more
hours till dawn
I count the
stars I cannot
find Selene.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Sleeping wonder

It weaves across my skin
leaving a trail of goosebumps
runs its fingers through my hair
and dives deep within my dreams
Tugging at me, a low buzz pulling
at me, a cold vibration caressing me,
trapping me between worlds
slumber a hopeless dream in the
corner room, with its magnificent
essence of beauty by day… And
its unseen shadows at night.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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Sleep why do you leave me

feeling so very desolate?

As words form an orderly

line at this creative gate.

Why do you rob me of my

precious dreams

to think instead of reality

and all that, it seems.

Sleep why do leave

me alone with my shadow

where darkness

waters thoughts sown.

Sleep, why do you

leave me alone?


Karen Hayward ©2018

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