To and fro

Once in a golden hour they cast to earth a seed, planted in the darkness with no one there to feed.

To and fro they went tearing at
her form, fragmenting at the edges, leaving her tainted and all torn.

Then she grew so much, she wore a crown of light, fought hard to calm
her demons and often lost the fight

She sow’d it far and wide, her body was her power, a vessel to discard
she thought, till her mind bloomed into a flower.

Read my little fable: he that runs may read, they look upon her wholly now, look beyond the seed.

And some are pretty enough, and some are poor indeed; and some of them I’m telling you… will silently bleed.

Once in a golden hour, they cast to earth a seed, up there grew a flower,
She saw herself a weed.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Inspired by and referenced, by my fave ever poet, The Flower, Alfred Lord Tennyson


Listening to the world under the covers.

I laid in bed today, long after i had woken. I could smell the
Rain from the open window
And feel the cold breeze
Against my arms and chest,
I pushed my feet far out of the bed, and listened as the world woke up, and i thought, i let my mind wander.
I missed you, i missed you in the most natural way that one person can miss another. I had missed you knowing that you wouldn’t be long, i had known you would find the way back. I had trusted you, trusted in you, without a second thought. Laying beneath the covers i didn’t question how or why.
Yesterday as thunderous clouds filled the sky around me clearing the air, as a door closed, perhaps forever, as plans were made that leave me feeling a little strange…all i thought about was you. xxx

Behind my wall

Just throwing this one in,
To see if it gets seen.
Odds are low,
Chances are high,
So many words,
I think i can fly.
Poems of old,
Words of new,
The files just grew and grew.
Some poems i wrote,
I pushed away
On a sailing boat,
simple words,
Simple meanings,
nothing to hide me,
Or my dreamings.
So i offer them all,
I will take the fall,
I no longer hide behind a wall.