Listening to the world under the covers.

I laid in bed today, long after i had woken. I could smell the
Rain from the open window
And feel the cold breeze
Against my arms and chest,
I pushed my feet far out of the bed, and listened as the world woke up, and i thought, i let my mind wander.
I missed you, i missed you in the most natural way that one person can miss another. I had missed you knowing that you wouldn’t be long, i had known you would find the way back. I had trusted you, trusted in you, without a second thought. Laying beneath the covers i didn’t question how or why.
Yesterday as thunderous clouds filled the sky around me clearing the air, as a door closed, perhaps forever, as plans were made that leave me feeling a little strange…all i thought about was you. xxx

Behind my wall

Just throwing this one in,
To see if it gets seen.
Odds are low,
Chances are high,
So many words,
I think i can fly.
Poems of old,
Words of new,
The files just grew and grew.
Some poems i wrote,
I pushed away
On a sailing boat,
simple words,
Simple meanings,
nothing to hide me,
Or my dreamings.
So i offer them all,
I will take the fall,
I no longer hide behind a wall.