He’s the fuck in my diversity

Holy fuck…
It’s the way he did it,
That bloody thing where
falling fast became
the only fit.
Now it resembles
A monochrome web
weaved into the
fabric of time
aeons before that

He’s all open book
and no fucking index Heiroglyphics with
no picture dictionary.

Yet, if this is our journey
then I willingly walk it

He’s that single thread of intent,
a catalystic explosion,
that’s power,
im powerless yet
empowered by this erotic state that brings
me to my knees like his palate already
knows the taste of my essence
and now it’s back for seconds.

I’m screwed.
He’s so
In my aura
my spirit keeps
asking where we
know him from and
how many times,
decades and fucking
centuries will it take.

I’m his the moment
that voice curls around
my mind.

We’re a cris
cross mashup
of fierce undertones
Hunter gatherers
collecting tidbits
to fill jars with
making paper
chairs out of
snippets of trust.

And I’m scared
of letting my
tainted heart
dictate the words
that tumble
from my
empty mouth
and spill from my
empty ink.

I’m my very own
with worn relics
ancient chants
succubus blood
and a soul
made from the
finest China
with no Gold
to hide my flaws.

and fuck..
…just fuck.
Like any thing
was ever gonna
change the
collision of
our paths…

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image and words

Lilac love.

Gentle whispers embracing lilac love
I am the petal and you are the rain
I drown my thirst in your succulent taste
The red fires of passion the subtle calm
of blue, a perfect combination of
me and you,as vines weave together need

I could become lost on this ascent of
of pleasure, a pheromone fragrance of
desire, an addictive toxin rushing
through my blood,a chemical fixation
drunk on honey nectar, the voyeur’s dance
life’s perfect exhibition lustrous stage.

Silk petals love caresses lust bruises
quenching nourishment and the flower blooms.


Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Encapsulated within your essence

Even as you sleep I feel you
clawing through the external
essence of my mind…Did i say clawing?
No more like freely walking,
my doors are unlocked,
my walls are down,
you need only ask and my every
answer is yours. Encapsulated within
your essence, lost deep in your intentions,
you have me ensnared within your grasp.
I am yours.
My desire is yours.
My need is yours.
My fantasies i give to you freely entwined
with my dark sensual self…Even as you sleep
I feel your essence taking what is yours as your
spirit wanders freely through my mind’s darkest corridors.

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image found on Pinterest