In a bed of roses.

Come dream with me,
of far away places,
with endless days,
and forever nights.
Take away our clothes
and lay naked at my side,
Let the moon dance
Across our skin,
as we begin.
Tantalise me with warm
touches of your tongue,
tickle me with wandering
Restrain me with wanton lust,
reign against me with passion and must,
And when all is done,
lips, licked,
juices, sipped,
just hold me,
as the nights shadows disperse,
let me lay against your body
let my eyes close and my mind turn away,
it’s okay.

Spooning under a lunar sky.

Soft tender lips,
on mine,
Fingers tracing hips,
so fine.
Tongue, warm
Against my ear,
The tingles swarm,
I pull you near.
Fingers interlock,
Gently pinned,
In mock.
Small, circular, swings
My nipple’s hard,
Lust filled i scream,
My legs part.
Warm skin,
Beneath my fingers,
Societies sins,
Still linger.
Soft kisses trailing down,
Warm tongue,
Things move round,
Air stolen from my lungs.
My tongue, the very tip,
Licking slowly,
the length of your dick,
bra off, boobs free.
Legs open and on my knees,
Tongues working in unison.
i want to taste,
without haste,
I want to touch,
Without rush.
A reluctant embrace,
till i know,
I am safe.