She’s nothing special and yet everything divine

He looks at her as though
she were a Queen,
his Queen or an empress
or perhaps even a Goddess. He is enamoured by her,
it radiates from them
in tiny droplets of beauty.
She doesn’t look special.
But neither does he.
She wears white hair,
wrinkles and age.
He wears a flat cap,
grey strands and green.
She shows no leg,
He dresses simple
She shows no boob,
He’s in coat and scarf.
Yet they look dazzling.
Her crooked
full smile and her
childlike giggles, her face
is always alight,
and his eyes always
searching, twinkling
looking at her, his Goddess
and for a split moment
I see the mystery of
eternal love
is not a mystery at all
It’s written right there
between her laughter lines…

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image and words

I’ve written about this ederly couple before, they show their love for each other in such an honest and beautiful way, it is inspiring, it is beautiful.

Spell bound touch of lips on tongue on mouth on love…

Kiss me. A single moment
lips embracing, tongues
retracing. Kiss me so I
may imprint you upon
my soul, wear your essence
forever more as fragrance.
Kiss me, let me taste the
sweet curve of your desire, and
appease this craving of lust.
Kiss me, seal this
spell bound need, take me,
kiss me.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Taste what love for you is.


Kiss me.

My lips ache for the

taste of your mouth.

Surrendered soul

singing loves symphony

entwined between the

sheets of time…Kiss me.

Lose reality in the dark

clouds of melancholy…

Kiss me,

a single beating heart

through the grains

of forever. Kiss me,

fill the jars of our existence

with love and insistence,

kiss me,

taste the essence of my spirit

spoken on the tip of my fair tongue,

speak to me,

tell me tales of desire in lust

filled words, inaudible,

heard by my heart spoken by yours.

Kiss me…Kiss me,

I must tell you of my love,

I must whisper of my needs

I must show you my desire…

Taste me….

Taste what love for you is.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Quench me. . .


My lips hunger
for your thirst,
my teeth,
for your flesh.
My tongue
for your
My fingers
itch for your
my hands for
your pinch.
My eyes
need quenching
by your form
my cheeks
by your hand.
My lungs
need to release
your screams
my throat
such a delicacy
strong fingers
This intensity
I need to
kiss you.

Karen Hayward (2017)


That curve
Is energy cascading
across me,
through me.
Look how
your essence falls
upon me,
Like a cashmere
gently caressing
the tilt of my chin.
The simplicity of
a sensuous scent
Lustrous intent
erotic content.
That curve licking,
kissing, stroking
exploring, traversing
the very contours
of my mind.
A treasured find,
One of a kind.
That curve of your
tongue as words
form, escaping your
lips that beg me
always for one
tiny kiss.

Karen Haywrd (c) 2017

Oh Kiss Me.

karenspicturepromptKiss me with lips so tender and passion so wild.

Here beneath falling flakes in an echo-less

moment of divine beauty. Kiss me, on ancient

grounds, feel the essence of ancestors,

feel the whispers of our druid sisters as they

chant an incantation of love upon winters breeze.

A promise of springs new born breath blossoming

within our hearts. Kiss me,

kiss me with passions embrace, with a joyous love

celestial in nature transcendent in beliefs listen

beyond our realm to the beat of a folktale long ago told

of fairies wings and glittered dust of finest diamonds

sprinkled upon the young at heart and old of soul.

Oh kiss me, here beneath falling snow, oh kiss me,

dear love, kiss me.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)