A Devil to Forget.

A Devil to forget.

There are days when I would happily make that leap,
Across the deep, dark abyss into the devils land.
To walk with you where the devil’s soldiers sleep.
To sell myself to Satan and forever be damned.
The eternal flames of hell licking at my soles,
Whilst the blood rushes to my feeble heart.
Lucifer waits greedily for my broken soul
to drag me into a world that will forever be dark.
But is just one touch, taste of my truest love,
Worth the perpetual darkness of eternity?
And the loss of the promise of the world above,
To spend my days with you eternally.
There are days, when I would happily make that leap,
And walk with you, Where the devil’s soldiers sleep.


I don’t know how to do this
When I constantly reminisce
Of our perfect cherry kiss

I don’t know how to forget
And avoid the prospect of regret
so I do not say goodbye, not yet

I don’t know how to walk away
When I want to see you everyday
But we both know I cannot stay

I don’t know how to move forward
I feel like I am being tortured
I would stay forever if I could

I don’t know what to do
And I’m tired of feeling rue
I wish I could start anew.


I sat on the stoney shore,

The soft ebbing tide

drifting further away.

The suns rays reflecting,

of the seas surface,

like gold dust,

dropping from the sky.

I close my eyes and,

let the winter sun warm me.


I can feel your kisses,

on my shoulder,

they’re soft and warm,

your eyes are looking

deep into my soul,

your hand is warm

against my bare skin.


My eyes open,

I rest my head,

upon my knees.

Fate is clearly cruel.

I look out at the

bluey grey sky,

and wonder why.


Life is never easy,

and perfection is rare.

But why does it taunt me.

I close my eyes,

and go back,

to my memories,

they’re all I have now.

All I will ever have.

I never knew,

that I would

miss you.



You’re the player i’m the fool,

You have the perfect life and that’s cool.

You’re insincere, your words are fake,

I’ve taken all that I can take.


A shallow crack that grows so deep,

I will not let it stop my sleep.

Your words were lies,

I will not cry.


The end has come,

you had your fun,

never was I number one,

Never was I number one.

finding you…

Strong arms were holding me up, as I clung to the person pulling me away from the frenzied crowd. Suddenly aware of the rapid beats of my heart as the blood rushed into my ears, momentarily silencing the world. He pulled me away from the crowds, into the cool shade of the surrounding trees. Holding me close in his arms, he whispered so softly ‘I came back for you, but you had gone’. His voice alone sent silent shivers throughout me, as my body responded to the voice, and I fell deeper into the arms of the man I had once loved so passionately.