I will be a ghost and see more than most.

I’ll stand,
And i’ll land,
On my own two feet,
Some days beat,
Some days,
I’ll scream,
From deep within my dream,
I’ll laugh,
Till my sides hurt,
And i’m left without scars.
i’ll see further then most,
i’ll be a ghost,
Watching the world
what i see,
What i hear
What i know.

I know everything, that i do not know.

I know…
i know, that i don’t know,
anything, or much, or all that there is. I don’t know the answers, or half of the questions, i don’t know the reasons, or why we have seasons. I don’t know the whys, and i don’t know the whens, and it’s anyones guess to the whose. But i know what i like, i know what i love, i know i can do it and i know that i will. I know that i shouldn’t, i know when i wouldn’t, and will feebly admit when i couldn’t. So i might not know anything, or much, or all that there is, but i know enough, to have a list.