Lunar you are so beautiful.

A tiny slither of lunar,
Veiled behind a misty cape,
Hiding from the world,
Planning her escape.
The brightest in the sky,
She leads the way,
Lights the path
So the stars can play.
oh lunar, i see you so,
I watch at night to see your glow,
I hear your unseen tears,
Feel your unknown fears,
Oh lunar girl, walk with me,
Light up my world,
So i can see,
lunar girl, i truly love thee.

I know everything, that i do not know.

I know…
i know, that i don’t know,
anything, or much, or all that there is. I don’t know the answers, or half of the questions, i don’t know the reasons, or why we have seasons. I don’t know the whys, and i don’t know the whens, and it’s anyones guess to the whose. But i know what i like, i know what i love, i know i can do it and i know that i will. I know that i shouldn’t, i know when i wouldn’t, and will feebly admit when i couldn’t. So i might not know anything, or much, or all that there is, but i know enough, to have a list.