Mother and daughter, in a single second.

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In a single second I have a thousand thoughts.

I visit a thousand places

and see a thousand faces.

I see a thousand sights,

my feet walk a thousand miles

and I see a thousand smiles.

I touch a thousand hearts

and see a thousand stars.

In a single second

I am everywhere but here.

Then in a single glance I see you,

and I know I have found home.

This home has no walls

and it has no floor.

This home is not a place

but a response to your face.

A journey, an honor placed upon me

and when I look upon your eyes I see my destiny.

And in the beating of our hearts i know;

that every path I took,

every darkness bestowed upon me,

every tear that fell,

was for you.

In a single second I am everywhere

but here,

in a single glance I am always near.

Karen Hayward ©2015. Image and words.

Softly I fall.

Once fresh and vivid green with

flushed pink cherry blossom petals

dancing at her side.

The small leaf was transformed

by autumn. Her soul the

deepest red of a dying heart.

Winds charged past her,

in a twirling swirl of immediate


Each gust pulling her

toward a subtle breeze.

Each breeze pushing her back

toward the growing storm.

Will she ever stop falling?

Will the soft breeze ever catch her?

A constant cyclone

as she transforms and withers

into a  winter leaf.

Dear Page.

Dear page,

Days have passed since we last engaged

and now my fingers skirt across your soft and delicate

soul and the words tumble out as I explore those tingling

sensations of lunacy. Autumn leave’s that scatter through

the air like bright and delightful fireworks, and oh the deep

scent of burning wood as a warm mist clings to the air, whilst

a flock of nameless birds sing proudly across the tree tops.

Doors open doors close and all about, the world moves forward.

The warmth of covers pulled high above my head as rain falls

outside my window, and for a moment I lay there and feel peace.

I feel a calm that soothes across my mind, I feel sleep calling

to me as my limbs are heavy and my thoughts become so very

light. Today, I could not be touched, I could not reached, I

was so far outside of my very own bubble. I could feel the universe,

her energy dancing past me, her love walking through me,

her thoughts guiding me. Dear page, it has been so very long

since we have engaged.