Sometimes I sing your tune…

Black and White house, number sixteen,

what were you doing deep in my dream?

What wisdom do you deliver in those deep

brown eyes,

perhaps so I might ponder the reason I try.

You see that, right?

Perhaps you were my lesson learned,

regret created and thoroughly earned.

Or perhaps…to show me the truth

that my choice was right, your smile the proof.

You are the benchmark I use to decide

what i’m willing to lose on this lovers ride.

For it’s kinda the same, except this time I fight.

Remember the song? You always saw my light

whispering still that I stand up to the night.

I guess I can see why my mind  set on you

a reminder maybe of days that were blue,

regret, karma, wrong paths walked

so many thoughts never talked.

You made me promise i’d step out from the dark

follow a new road my unknown path.

I couldn’t see it but you surely did,

years ahead you told me,

that’s where your Cleopatra

was hid.

Alas, we no longer talk,

I angered you when I finally walked,

I severed a tie that transcended the earth

tore a hole in your universe.

Oh but the lessons you taught

perhaps this is why in my dreams you were caught.

Love with pride,

never let it hide,

there is no wrong only right.

Regret. Love is always worth the fight.

Perhaps this is why in my dreams I caught sight

as I pondered life after the flight.

Karen Hayward ©2016

I’ll always be true…to me.

Do you remember
The day you walked away?
Or the weeks that came after,
The absence of laughter.

Do you remember the words,
You whispered to the morning birds,
In the sun lit room,
That dissappeared too soon.

I locked them away,
But some of them stayed.
They’re the essence of me,
They keep me free.

Always be honest, and true to myself,
It’s a freedom that brings, its very own wealth.
A lesson in life, a promise i made…
you never believed, i could be saved.

Did you know,
what you left,
When  you went away,
The legacy of words,
That stopped my play,
That opened my mind
And turned me… kind.

I remember it well,
I will always tell,
I will never regret,
Or leave words unsaid.