To be, I must fall, my light must be extinguished. 

And when I fall, for that

Is the only way,

when my halo slips. 

When my light is lost

When I must become dark

To survive.

If selling my 

soul is the only

hope I have. 

And if I must 

lose all that light …

Will you catch me? 

Without me asking. 

Without me telling.

When darkness 

consumes my 


when i lose and they win,

when I become that sin. 

Will you catch me. 

Tell me it’s okay to cry

for the light that

must be


if I am to be.

Will you cocoon the 

shadow of a flicker, 

stop the darkness

from spreading. 

Will you catch me. 

Will you still catch me

when I remove my halo.
Karen Hayward ©2016