Storm clouds hung heavy throughout the day,
promising a cooler air, a clearer front.
The hinted promises that only a storm can bring.
Night fell and skies darkened,
flashes illuminating the flaws of existence.
Roaring anger filling the empty spaces.
Each lightening strike lit the skies,
tinted thoughts dispersing into the atmosphere,
Each deep clap of thunder energising the skies
as empty spaces become filled.
Till the storm passed
and clouds dispersed
and all I could see was a clear sky of twinkling stars

Karen Hayward ©2016

Soft mumblings of an angry sky.

The distant mumblings of an angry sky can be heard hiding behind the incessant tapping of rain falling down upon my roof. It’s rhythm like a marching band as they beat down on their ferocious drums. The distant angry mumblings a roar of protest. The skies remain dark yet I feel a certainty that if I were to search the abandoned skies I would discover small flashes of speckled light brightening the night skies. Instead I search the insides of my eyelids hoping to find comfort.

Karen Hayward ©2016

The Storm.

It’s peaceful, a thunderous sky. Soft rain tapping at the glass

trailing down, someone’s always last. A split second of

illumination, blink, and you’ll never know how far away those

disturbed clouds are. It’s like that elusive wish,

on the shooting star. Rumbles echo, dancing through

the rain drops, hiding beneath the covers praying it

will soon stop. Static air that clings to your skin, if

we’re lucky a rainbow to show a storm has been.

Angry clouds of light.

There’s thunder,
i hear it in my sleep,
I hear it, when awake
it brings a dread i cannot
Soft, innocent rumbles,
As the raging sky grumble’s,
I sit alone, in fear,
Counting, determining how near.
A bright,
Of death, illuminate’s the sky,
And i feel oddly shy,
as my heart frantically beats,
Will death today i meet?
its closer now,
it didn’t pass us by,
I hold my tears,
For i seldom cry.
I sit alone, beside the
I have to see, i have to know, will this storm be my
final blow.