Lips tender bite…


Would you devour me with those eyes,

that soulful glance… or lips, tender, would

you kiss me and take that chance?

Would you pause to  traverse my eyes

And search beyond what makes me shy,

and look instead at what makes me shine?

Would I feel beyond your touch, beyond life’s hands

mans soul on gentle skin would they tease

and passion bring and would they lead me

through paths of…blissful  sin.

Or perhaps…

Would i devour those

Eyes, that soulful look…

Karen Hayward*©2017

Your lips divine.

Your lips, the unseen beauty of your face,
the tender skin I want to trace.
To kiss them so soft and tender in my touch,
slowly and then in abandoned rush.
Oh to taste the passion that lays therein
on your tongue I can taste our sin.
I am mesmerised they are my nectar
the red blush a hint of a kiss from a fallen star.
They whisper to the succubus that dwells within me
the driving force of this deep carnal need.
I must have them pressed against my own
such primal desires the thought of you have sown.
They are the cause of my essence to flow,
upon those lips a taste I truly must know.
They are the thirst I hope to never quench,
for love divine has come from whence.
Your lips the place in which I fall from grace,
the unseen beauty upon your face,
the tender skin I need to kiss, to bite to taste.
The tender love from there I’ll trace.

Karen Hayward ©2016