My past, my present, my future.

Do you remember the day you walked
The sun on your face the wind in your hair,
a redundant embrace, so as
To leave no trace.
No reasons why,
Just a simple don’t cry,
as you left me,
in an empty space.

As the emptiness hit,
the world swallowed me whole,
all along, you had your heart
Set on your final goal.
So the days,
Passed and went,
till I forgot you were
locked away in a shadow amongst
The darkness of my soul.

Then I was
you came looking you say,
but life had moved on,
too late for you to know
You were wrong,
and your heart ached
So much
as you heard me in every song.

But life is always changing
we are always exchanging,
long forgotten is love
With the innocent girl,
and you marry anew
And all in a twirl.
But now, here we are,
And history repeats,
and nothing you
Have learned, as you hold me back,
as if I were the enemy,
no words to share, so
Much you fear me that you hide me
From view, again
I am the innocent girl
Deserving of no words, no reasons
As we move through the endless seasons

I am your fools gold, meaningless
As we grow old,
I am nothing until you find the strength
To walk through the fires of life
And stand tall and accept me.
I am not as you perceive,
I am not here to destroy you,
Or your soul.
I can be so much, if for a single
you change your goal.