Drunken Ramblings

'I think about you all the time',
means nothing after a bottle of wine.
'I can't get you out of my head',
perfect, if only you said it sober instead.
I know your heart hurts, you feel torn,
but that leaves me wondering, am I simply the thorn.
So, please, tell me when sober you are
and I'll go the distance, my love will go far.
Do reassure me that this trip will be shared,
that your words are real and that you actually care.
But do it I beg when sober instead.
I'm not asking for promises or even for changes,
just a little respect between our exchanges.
My heart feels as yours it's lost and unsure,
and I need your truths to reassure.
Karen Hayward ©2012 - Edited 2020 Image and words.

The puzzle pieces

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His touch was like a puzzle piece
I never knew existed
Like all my awkward edges had purpose
and my quaint curves of self
had reason
like my skin had been forever searching
for the unknown that became known
the moment his hand
touched me
like the excited atoms of my skin
rejoiced, woke… Yes.. Like my soul woke up
like a touch I have always known
existed and yet never found

If it were a
strangers hand
on a busy city street
resting upon my skin
I’d have surely spent an
eternity searching
for its

but it was his touch,
and we are found…

Karen Hayward ©2019

Sometimes I sing your tune…

Black and White house, number sixteen,

what were you doing deep in my dream?

What wisdom do you deliver in those deep

brown eyes,

perhaps so I might ponder the reason I try.

You see that, right?

Perhaps you were my lesson learned,

regret created and thoroughly earned.

Or perhaps…to show me the truth

that my choice was right, your smile the proof.

You are the benchmark I use to decide

what i’m willing to lose on this lovers ride.

For it’s kinda the same, except this time I fight.

Remember the song? You always saw my light

whispering still that I stand up to the night.

I guess I can see why my mind  set on you

a reminder maybe of days that were blue,

regret, karma, wrong paths walked

so many thoughts never talked.

You made me promise i’d step out from the dark

follow a new road my unknown path.

I couldn’t see it but you surely did,

years ahead you told me,

that’s where your Cleopatra

was hid.

Alas, we no longer talk,

I angered you when I finally walked,

I severed a tie that transcended the earth

tore a hole in your universe.

Oh but the lessons you taught

perhaps this is why in my dreams you were caught.

Love with pride,

never let it hide,

there is no wrong only right.

Regret. Love is always worth the fight.

Perhaps this is why in my dreams I caught sight

as I pondered life after the flight.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Celestial rains.


Do you know that each fluttering beat of my heart

does so in a silent embrace to your soul,

traversing the oceans, riding currents upon waves

upon the gentle golden kisses of an eternal sun.

Each swarm of wings tickling through my soul

searches for your eyes in anticipation of your

knowing smile, each morning bird I hear singing

to the descending moon, serenading the ascending sun

is a melodic reminder of your honey curve voice

that thaws ice of old and lights the darkness long told.

Each droplet of rain, celestially born,

heavens tears cleansing…Gives clarity to my

thoughts and depth to my love of you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Kaleidoscopic essence of devotion.


Will you read me lost thoughts of poetry as twilight twinkles through open windows,
warm water cascading across my body?
In silent vulnerabilities,
sensual knowing and deep intimacy borne of free souls,
will you whisper to me sonnets written of beauty of love of desire?
As Lunar breathes sparkled kisses on the nights breeze dancing through candle flames..
will you read to me tales of love, white knights and mans kiss upon his lady?
Will you whisper to me forgotten words of tragic love stifled by Pandora’s locked box…
And will you kiss my falling tears?
Will you sprinkle petals of every colour across the water and watch as they settle upon my porcelain skin.
Will you kiss me with the abandonment of a man lost to his soul?
Will your eyes devour the very essence of me in purity of innocence?

I will make of you a poem by a moonlight glimpse,
Love’s ripple upon every sense as cascading waves burst in points of imploding desire.
Let my quill trace the grotto’s of sweet revelation on the parchment of your soul in ways never imagined never to be told.
Let us dance in the snowlight down of crystalline meandering battling elements in beloved embrace.
Rest upon the cognac blaze the want anew  composing sonnets bared to the firelight’s sultry glow
I  will write of sunsets bright hues on wave so gentle awash upon the countors of your porcelain ambrosia
I will write of garden tryst in the evening mist of whispered passions of paramour fervor.
I will catch your tears and marry them inside me for all that your are is precious
I will bring  fulfillment in the bedroom of your eyes amid sweet passion’s kiss
I will surrender lost in the innocence of your virtues aflame.
I will read you love poems in an eternal moment of bliss.

Michael J, Garland & Karen Hayward  © 2017

Image Karen Hayward ©2017

So you sooth…


Attentive thoughts,

history becomes a shadow

snaking forth upon the tip of my tongue

and I am consumed with doubt.

My page the moonless skies,

my pen a rusting dagger

crimson ink pools,

spilling from

my canvas.

So you sooth,

whisper, caress and cocoon.

So you declare and pull me from the

shadows, words like token kisses from the moon,

intentional stance,

is that pride I hear as you pull me near!

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image found on Pinterest



When kisses say I love you.


First kiss,

lips grazing as

butterflies swarm

through our existence,

time momentarily pausing.

As light consumes dark,

dark consumes light.

Souls dance in wonder,


entwining their essence…

this is not the moment in time

when I will know your love

at a depth unknown to others.

This is not the memory I will recall

every time I search my mind

for our beginning.

I will swim past,

delve deeper into the darkness,

Walk the un-trodden path of my mind

follow the lost scent of pain,

I will find the moment that defined our love,

there in a shroud my broken pieces

cocooned by your being.

Rationality departed, etched motives,

my soul shattered,  shards of bloodied spirit

spill monumentally across pristine reality,

the chaotic remnants.

Intensity overload as I break

and break

and break


There you are

lips grazing mine

fingers upon my face,

hand in my hair,

eyes watching me,

no words spoken

just watching

filled with fear,

filled with love.

Lips grazing as you reach through the shards

of shattered crystal,  love rising

through me,

not the fluttering wings of butterflies,

but the sudden rise of knowing beyond all realities,

this is the kiss that will define the moment

I knew what it was to be loved by you.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Every Soul Seeks.

When darkness falls and the mist, rolls, in,

my thoughts become so clouded.

The dusk of days gone and past pull me

into a love crazed, haze.

Blinded by words not uttered,

love not told, in that moment of separation,

no return.

For life rolls on as the mist comes and goes.

It always will, you’ll never be,

more then a drifting thought of the

morning sun. I couldn’t ask,

I couldn’t take, I can only hope

I made the choice that’s right for you.

As darkness falls and the thoughts roll in

I close my eyes and travel the years

to the tender touch and arms wrapped tight

to a lioness kiss and blushing cheeks,

back to that moment,

that every soul seeks.

The day history chose to forget.

A gravitational pull that speaks to my soul

whispering thoughts of a love I used to know.

I close my eyes and see you gone,

I block out the words of the hand written songs.

A void in space, a memory forgot,

returning now as the sun gets hot.

The day in history that time passed by,

I tried to forget, the lie that was a lie.

I’m drawn back in as the seasons move

my soul still searching for the truth.

So now I pause and accept this love

as ever the memories are not enough,

Blue skies above my head, memories of the

single bed, sun warming my porcelain skin

I’ll stop now, I’ll think

of the one single love that took me to the brink.

I’ll search the deep blue sky for the memories I

choose to forget,

I’ll let the sun warm my heart and the strings of regret.

This sky, today is for you,

a moment to remember that the love was true.