LSD my friend, rain for me till the very end.

This is a random stream of thoughts on rain and Sundays. 🙂

Cool rain upon my skin,
Fresh breeze, to help me think.
Soft silence,
For life to echo in,
Birds singing love,
Not violence,
this is the stuff.
I tingle with excitement,
Long walks, wet jeans,
Trainers soaked at the seams.
Damp hair, and smudged face,
Giggling and laughing in this race.
LSD induced fantasies,
A childhood escape from realities.
Blowing bubbles,
in a dirty puddle.
A red dress that shrunk and shrunk, so soft at the start, now hard and wet.
A police car ride,
No where to hide,
Did they see?
Not a chance,
Rambled words,
From three ‘drunken birds’.
No time for a bus
Rain never stopped us.
We danced through the splashes,
Hid from the flashes.
Dinner cooking,
No one looking,
Windows open
And all steamed up,
Time for another cup,
Hot tea with milk and sugar,
You never went far.
Family day,
Not allowed out,
I had to stay,
So i stood at the window,
The smell of dinner,
The sound of rain,
Tip tapping,
And i knew i was the winner.