Lucifer my sweet. 

Lucifer my dear come drink coffee at my side,

For the devil that you are, i know where you do hide.

Lucifer my sweetest take my sins I atone,

For a beg for just a moment upon your flaming throne.

Lucifer you rascal I feel your fingers twitch,

Satisfaction can be found deep within this itch.

Lucifer my darling, let me taste the devil’s cup,

For this angel bows her head, she’s had quiet enough.
Karen Hayward*© 2017

A Devil to Forget.

A Devil to forget.

There are days when I would happily make that leap,
Across the deep, dark abyss into the devils land.
To walk with you where the devil’s soldiers sleep.
To sell myself to Satan and forever be damned.
The eternal flames of hell licking at my soles,
Whilst the blood rushes to my feeble heart.
Lucifer waits greedily for my broken soul
to drag me into a world that will forever be dark.
But is just one touch, taste of my truest love,
Worth the perpetual darkness of eternity?
And the loss of the promise of the world above,
To spend my days with you eternally.
There are days, when I would happily make that leap,
And walk with you, Where the devil’s soldiers sleep.