To ebb with the moons blessing

It is believed to be an honor
to ebb in sync with the moon
as she waxes into her full face
The ancient whispers of truth
filling sisters with grace…
Shamans, priestesses and healers
synchronise to this cycle of blood,
the red moon, ebbing and flowing
outward bound darkness sung
with light energy glowing.

But I would beg to differ…

An insatiable hunger holds me
As my carnivorous desire drives me
Rational thought now a forgotten entity,
The drummer boy with blades my new reality,
Seven days of sleep
then seven days insomnia,
I find silence now at twilight
sit deep in thought throughout my night,
Just me, the ham and the god danm fridge light.

Yet they say,
this is a blessing
the red moons energy
deep within my core
Empowering, releasing…

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words


And the moon whispered shyly into the skies.


I pause and let the tiredness overcome me

crouching to the ground I peer up to the

flaming skies of sunset and watch as he

whispers golden amber through the leaves

a soft breeze dispersing the beauty delicately

onto my pale skin. Above the skies are white and

hint at the vulnerably of a rich blue and too shy to shine sky.

And there nestled behind the small white tufts is a glorious moon

fading into the soft hues, in her fullest form

shining still among the cloud filled skies

of flaming glory. And then she is gone, hidden from sight.

Karen Hayward ©2016

My something, my everything, my sprinkles of pearl in this bitter world.

We all have, something,
A thing, an object, an illusion of hope
That soothes our soul,
That reaches in to our spirit,
that holds us,
On the darkest nights,
When we cannot fight the tears,
For me, it is, it always has been,
The beautiful, courageous moon.
She sprinkled moon dust across my eyes,
The nights when I cried,
she cradled her light around me
as I sat alone on the sand, alone in the world,
She lit my path as I stumbled,
Through the dirty streets,
I am never alone,
even when i feel that I am,
she is always there,
fighting through the storms,
To get back to me,
Each day, she proves her love,
Her loyalty, her truth,
She sees my soul,
She sees my spirit,
She sees deep inside my heart,
all the things that i am not strong enough to admit,
she see them all,
she knows them all,
she holds me as i dream
of another world,
She is my something,
My comfort, my strength
In this battered, bitter world we live in.

Goddess of the ebbing tide, where do you hide?


Ebbing sea of dreams,
Do you have the truths,
That we all do seek?
You travel so far,
You must be tired,
Do you sleep beneath the stars?
Does the moon sprinkle,
Diamond dust upon your
Moving tides,
A cloak, where the mermaids hide?
Oh ebbing tides of
The moons desires,
Do you seek
The one that bleeds,
As your master wakes,
the great lakes.
Do you see the paths
That must be walked,
The words,
That must be talked.
The pain that will release,
The fufures,
That will bring peace?
oh ebbing sea of dreams,
Do you have the truths that I seek?

Lunar you are so beautiful.

A tiny slither of lunar,
Veiled behind a misty cape,
Hiding from the world,
Planning her escape.
The brightest in the sky,
She leads the way,
Lights the path
So the stars can play.
oh lunar, i see you so,
I watch at night to see your glow,
I hear your unseen tears,
Feel your unknown fears,
Oh lunar girl, walk with me,
Light up my world,
So i can see,
lunar girl, i truly love thee.