Freewrite-today I think I saw a saw wielding maniac.

So thought I would take a break tonight from poetry, and share instead a memorable moment from my day….hey, i kinda like that idea, i might start doing this daily. Anyway, so I was walking to work, day dreaming along the way, when I had just turned into a small road that leads to an alley that leads to the very back of the carpark of a supermarket (I work in what they call a pod outside of the supermarket) the sun was shining, blue skies, beautiful morning. Suddenly some guy comes out the alley carrying an electric saw. Of course me being me my brain automatically clicked into action, in that split second I died at least a million different gruesome ways. Suddenly I was aware of my vulnerability, I was aware of the bushes and trees beside me, I was aware of the emptiness of the short alley, how far away the houses were and how deserted the streets were. But, more than that, I was aware that I was a writer, I was aware that intrigue made me stare intently at the mans hands, face, the electric saw, even though I knew that he could be a lunatic…although, maybe, just maybe, he was thinking the same of me as I crept past him smirking. I’m often told that I live inside of a bubble, that I don’t see the world for what it truly is, they’re right, I see the world in many ways, the way it could be and often the way it should be. I am far from idealistically perfect, and I can see bad and gruesome and horrific in most things, perhaps a reflection of inner turmoil, or perhaps I see the world with clearer eyes than most believe. The young man with his skinny face and strawberry blonde hair was probably off to cut someone’s tree or bush, i’m just grateful he chose not to chop me into thousands of pieces, cos seriously do you know how hard it is to get blood out of shirts?!
I may need to consider a different route once as the nights draw in, the ally might not be the best way, my feeble little heart will not take it!