I envy them, him, their love has a pureness seen only in the final pages of old dusty fairytale books, each kiss I believe renders them immortal, spells dispersed and magic created in the enchanted presence of such a love as theirs.
Such a simple existence, a moments kiss and passion fills their auras spilling outward, exploding into the melancholy day and yet, a kiss filled with so much desire and not an iota of indecency, as though they are God’s angels, as though their love is blessed by the heavens and coveted in white feathers. They speak with their eyes, knowing glances that say, ‘ill be back soon my love, but in these seconds without you, know only this, I exist for you, for you.’ I envy them, him, her, I envy them.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words

This is an observational poem on a couple I see almost daily, in the latter part of their lives now they still love each other with a pure depth, she stands at the gate waving till he’s at the end of the road, where he gives her one last wave before he turns the corner… It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


I gave it before, now, it lays crumpled on the blood stained floor.

A promise made in haste,

to avoid such waste.

Lies built on words,

and nameless numbers,

as the world around

is deep in slumber.

Chances have come,

chances have gone,

and again you do

the thing, that is wrong.

Forgiveness was given

this time is different.

You severed the cord

because you were bored?

I care no longer…

the last time made me stronger.

The battle is lost,

my love?

…the cost.

The sky blue dress.





I always knew,
That my spirit danced,
To a different tune.
I married in blue,
Took a chance,
And hoped the flower would bloom.
I always stayed true,
I hid in a trance,
Behind the cycle of the moon.
With her ebbing flow,
rising and falling,
I had no where to go,
Life was stalling.
So I cut all the ties,
stood up on toes,
Pushed through the lies,
And found a new path to go.

World domination in a tiara and sparkly crown.

Your biggest mistake,
And there have been many,
was to under estimate me,
My strength when I am down,
My ability to rise through the darkest mist,
My desire to survive,
My desire to be happy,
To feel happy
To live happy.
Your biggest mistake,
Was that you never saw me.
Now my wings out spread,
Ready to fly,
The materialistic creatures
mean nothing to me,
I’ve left those dreams behind,
I’m ready,
to make

The fucked up tales of fairys.

Fuck the world in all its glory,
This ain’t no fairy tale story.
There’s no happy end,
Or love to send.
It’s a fantasy built upon bullshit words,
Sung in the tree tops by fucked up birds.
The light is for the weak,
The dark is what I seek,
Truth in the actions
Of the fucked up reactions.
This ain’t no fucking fairy tale,
Life isn’t pass or fail.
Show me a truth, i’ll show you a lie,
Everyone does it, no matter how hard they try.
A fantasy of words created in awe,
Like it’s some kinda fucked up law.