To hear the earth talk.

I dream of a deep turquoise lake. Sunlight skipping from edge to edge

leaving a trail of sparkling gold dust. I dream of soft lush grass of

deep green, each blade tickling my bare feet. Daisies growing wild

as far as the eye can see in beautiful curving waves besides dandelion

clocks that sway in the warm summer breeze. The serene melody of

the song thrush calling to her mate as the blue tit sings a chorus of love

beneath a cloudless sky of powder blue as dragon flies dance in

soundless rhythm chasing one other without care. As lady bugs pause

upon my hands and I count the black dots that contrast so beautifully

against their scarlet red skin before they flutter away. Here is where

I wish to lay, to pass away my day, eyes closed I can hear the earth

feel its mirth, hear the soft lapping water and feel the warm burning sun.

It is here that I can finally feel at one.

He who warms the earth.

I watch you every night,
every chance I get,
every time the sky is clear and I see you near.
Deep red sky,
As you say goodbye,
I watch you,
A sight so true.
Blazing into the horizon,
I watch from my room,
Symbolic of the days end
As the sky greets the moon.
Your orange rays dance,
Across me as i stand in trance,
Mesmerised by your deepness,
Feeling your loving caress.
Beautiful ball of flames,
No sets ever the same,
As you end
your day
Of play.