Forever more.


There was a moment long ago

when your words danced before me

whispering in an ancient tongue

that I had long forgotten.

Simple words;

a design to their structure,

a reason for their presence

then a slip of the tongue

and you seeped through,

suddenly I saw,

suddenly I knew,

this is the exact moment

that I fell in love with you.

The world around me broke

with every word you spoke

I was lost and I was found,

since that day and forever more,

I have been yours and yours alone.

Karen Hayward ©2016



I had to help you as your bag split and food fell.
I had to help.
I felt your blush and as clichés go this one was bad.
So I held your bike
as you repacked,
and repacked.
We small talked the crappiness of plastic.
You wasted little time to flatter.
As cliches go this one was

Karen Hayward ©2016

Word prompt, buddy….a moment longer.


Word prompt…buddy.

This poem is inspired by a person from my past who meant a lot to me then and means a lot to me now, however his wife does not permit us to talk. Yet even though we can only share brief glances we have remained friends for over twenty years.

Did you see me before I saw you?

I felt you before my eyes registered you.

You watched me walking for a moment

longer than usually permitted.

You walked alone.

Your lip raised in that little coy smile

of yours,

I wondered what are you thinking

as your eyes slowly blinked.

Then you were gone.

Karen Hayward ©2016


Declarations of sin.

Give me a moment to taste the sins of the past in the scent of our souls. Darkness swarming as we are lost in a tornado of forgotten inhibitions. Let me paint passion
across your skin in edible sauce to tantalise my taste buds and awaken my dulling spirit.Take me to the very point of ecstasy and guide me through as pleasure spills through me and across you. I’ll wear our endeavors etched into my soul in a treasure trove imprinted with the taste of your thoughts and sealed with essence of seed that you offer, a memory of passion that may last forever. Take me down on bended knee and look deep inside these pools of blue and tell me, it’s me you want to screw.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Only letters.


Give me back the blank canvas and let my thoughts swarm into the emptiness. Take my hand and we’ll walk in those autumn leaves that we created back when we teetered on the tight rope of lost innocence. Walk with me through my mind and know the whirlwind of confusion that swirls like the ebbing tide of a thunderous ocean.  I have only random letters and weakness at every turn.

Karen Hayward ©2016