Embrace the last of your sleep that lingers


As your alarm rings,
I would reach out
my hand to your skin,
grasp at your fingers,
embrace the last of
your sleep that lingers.
I would swallow down
my souls tug and use a
smile to hide my frown.
My lips would eagerly
devour the warmth of your
essence, kissing, greedily
the canvas of your form.
I’d curse the shortness of night
and the coming of morn.
I’d search the depth of your eyes
for a moment’s need sustained,
love spilling as the endless skies
passion radiating, desire burning
alarm ringing, bodies entwining,
souls yearning, I’d kiss you,
good morning.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image and words

Morning bird song. 

I hear now the soft whisper of bird song echoing in mornings delight.a gentle breeze carrying a perfect melody for me to hear. For a moment I feel peace, if I close my eyes I am anywhere, I am there with you we are listening to the faint song of as the sun rises from his bed and a new day begins. 
Karen Hayward ©2016