Milky blue eyes.

Excerpt from today’s writing :)…

“He did look at April, a lot, he couldn’t help himself, she reminded him of everything beautiful he had ever seen in his life. Every thing she did, everything she liked and loved and touched, spoke to his soul. He felt like he knew everything there was too know about her, and yet, she amazed him each day, with new things, new corners to explore.”

Ensnared by doubt.

It’s always there at the start,
Questioning why i think i can play this part,
Hesitation as the words form a line,
Chaotic voices in my mind,
None of them mine.
Self doubt creeps in like a long forgotten friend,
And whispers, i’m with you till the very end.
The shadow that walks beside me,
The rustling of the leaves in the tree.
The empty echo on a dark night,
Anything to pause my fight.
Hesitation in my thoughts,
Trapped and caught,
A battle for the artist,
The writer, the maker,
A soul for grim taker.
Angels of creativity,
Where are you now?
Are you the frown, upon my brow?
Are you the final ray of sun that reaches to my toes,
Or the soft pink throw?
Are you shuffle that keeps on stopping,
At that song, to remind me i am not wrong?
Angels of creativity,
I am blinded,
I cannot see.
Self doubt is ensnaring me.

I shall write, through the night.

It’s the eve of a choice,
That is the essence of my voice,
And i’m yet to plan a single thing,
Failure, will likely sting.
So i took a walk,
and gave myself a talk,
Along a sandy shore.
The waves ebbed, a steady flow,
Never knowing,
Where to go,
The sand poured freely down
Between my fingers,
No plan lingered.
The sun reached me,
Through soft white clouds,
And the deepest shade,
Always finding a way.
I heard
There in my head,
What ever you want
you always get,
The choice is made,
I am not afraid.
If i put my mind to it,
It will be mine,
It always is.
S, i’ll not plan the story,
It could be gory,
But, it’s what i want,
So it’s what i’ll have.