Wake up sleeping soul

I’ve woken with autumn’s mist
embracing my skin, fine kisses
of pale skies and a distant sun.
My naked legs searching for
warmth amidst the days ascent
as Helios caresses me once more
his fingers tracing golden pathways
teasing living canvas into submission.
His ancient bind holds me captive
in forgotten memories now
surrendered, I let the mist curve across
my hip, along my torso caressing the
Hill of my breast as whispers to my
soul…wake up. Wake up.

Karen Hayward © 2018

Apocalyptic future of Sunday lunch

Be warned. These are not
the harmless swans of your
time, these ducks will not
quack around your feet
for bread when they can
instead devour your flesh.
No. Such days of balance
have passed, we live now
behind salvaged glass.
Oh the lulling nature of
serenity and the clockwork
beating of their hearts
as teeth gnash and wings
tear limbs. Still my mouth
salivates for what they once
were, their blood now
diseased, the chem trail
apocolypse the hunted
became the hunter. Bow
now before the Kings
of our time, death came
death took and left
only the zombie of mind.
The geese, the ducks
the royal swans. . .
the seagulls pecking still
at rotting carcuses across
our desolute shores,
and so we live now,
shut behind glass doors.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Dandelion seeds.


Come and sit with me in a

field of blossomed daisies

and dandelion clocks. We’ll

plan our future upon the

wishes of seeds that float

upon a lovers breeze.

Show me those eyes of blue,

let me swim within the depths

of our soul as you reflect me

and I reflect you.

Take my hands in yours let

our energy dance in celebration

of our unity

as we travel times boundaries

and the universe bows

before our love clearing

our destined path.

Come, sit

with me in a field

of blossomed daisies.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)


Crystalline Wishes

Cream clouds
crystalline wishes
diamond blankets
and snowflake kisses

A silent hush
glittered fantasies
Infinite sprinkles
Snow dream realities.

Blushed cheeks
Cold toes
Thick gloves
And a snowman nose.

United play
Giggles delight
Tears to be cried
Snowball fights.

Hot choc and ‘mallows
Festive shows
Snuggly blankets
The after snow, glow.

Karen Hayward ©2017

The Shadows that Haunt


I hear the howling winds they drag me from my slumber,
Trees screaming, leaves pleading, debris flying,
Rain falling, heavy, denting, slamming on windowpane,
Where now is Selene among this raging storm,
I search for calm and find only the descent of
crimson mist, I search for light… But the soul craves darkness
Which has long arrived, I search for hope but Pandora
was left astray, unlocked…
I hear the startling call of objects dragged through
the storms mouth, teeth bared, blood dripping,
I hear the emptiness of atoms
the raging storms of nature
the familiarity of night
sat alone, as insomnia
Kisses away the shadows
that haunt.

Karen Hayward ©2018