Cosmic gravitation.

I do see it,
the sun and how it sits,
perfectly in the sky,
Showing me, where to fly.
And the moon
that whispers,
The futures coming, soon.
The twinkling stars
That are no longer, so far,
and sit now in a sky,
That is not so dark.
I do see it, the changes
the way the universe
The darkness that was once full of starkness,
Grows lighter, but it’s not
This that whispers, ‘you are a fighter’.
I am aware of the ease,
The subtle breeze,
The incessant need.
The unsaid knowing,
When nothing is showing.
I do see,
It doesn’t scare me.

Lunar you are so beautiful.

A tiny slither of lunar,
Veiled behind a misty cape,
Hiding from the world,
Planning her escape.
The brightest in the sky,
She leads the way,
Lights the path
So the stars can play.
oh lunar, i see you so,
I watch at night to see your glow,
I hear your unseen tears,
Feel your unknown fears,
Oh lunar girl, walk with me,
Light up my world,
So i can see,
lunar girl, i truly love thee.