Pearlescent kisses on tender cheeks.


Selene, are you here
for the whispers
of my waning soul?
As I slept beneath
your pearlescent beads
did you shroud
me from sight?
If I sit now and stare
upon your face
in the infinite depth
of darkness,
will you kiss me,
caress me, leave a
sheen of your energy
flowing through me?
As I wane will
you catch me…

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image and words

Vast darkness.

Four am silence echoes in the vastness of a  blackened sky, starless, the sun soon will rise, his rays dispersing the horrors of the night, but he cannot reach my mind.He cannot sooth the chaos of my thoughts. Darkness seeps between the cracks, morality a fractured dream of slumber, lost recollections of fairytales congealed in the dried crimson blood of reality. Silenece, a screeching spectre, stagnant horrors curse my escapism, slaughtering existence with promises of forgotten hope torn from the universal essence. Darkness sweeping through my soul a cold summers breeze,  caressing  the black vortex of my soul whilst I disperse between the lost seconds of sleep.
Karen Hayward ©2016