Freddy and Jason.


Covered in blood I search for the light

as my dreams come alive in the dead of the night.

I feel his sharp nails as he claws at my skin

the veil between sleep is so very thin.

But Fred’s not alone, Jason’s, there too,

and I know in an instant my nightmares are true.

There’s no where to hide there’s no where to go,

covered in blood it’s a dream, oh I know.

But the nails are real, and Jason still comes,

and i’m losing my life as I try to out run.

A small little nick on my porcelain skin,

Freddy is dancing as the knife slips in.

They laugh as they pull gut after limb,

Tearing it out, pushing it in.

An ebbing death for fear to bring.

Karen Hayward ©2017.

Image found on pinterest.


Cold cuts through me to the core,

As winds whistle from beneath the door. 

Storms forming of winters gloom

pulled from slumber all too soon. 

This coldness is not my friend, 

I wonder will this shivering ever end. 

Coldness cutting me my bones do freeze,

as autumn skips through dying leaves. 

BlNkets and hot water bottles pulled into my chest,

I plead these heat will help me rest. 

Eyes sore and muscles long hurting after lack of sleep,

Coldness penetrates so deep. 

Coldness penetrates so deep,

Insomnia, anything, so those dreams they’ll keep. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Torturous slumber.

Darkness plunged me deep

Into the abyss of screaming dreams 

The emptyness of too much pillow, 

too much cover and too much space, 

rattles.inside my head. 

The lacerated blade slips in, 

time and again again 

begging for release from the garish 

ghouls that hunt me in my sleep.

Shadows whisper secrets told to the 

the Question of darkness  between he 

hours of never and barely seen. 

I sit beneath the dark and empty sky 

hidden within my world, on shutdown,

except tonight, tonight I don’t want to 

be left alone in the darkness with just 

my thoughts. I’m tired of always being 


Karen Hayward ©2016

Insomnia caresses my soul.

Insomnia came banging at my door last night,
I was too tired to care, too tired to fight,
he always comes like the tunnels light.
He asked me how my night had been,
I told him of my screwed up dream,
he laughed, sipped on his tea,
and said,  ‘I’ll leave just as soon as you see’.
I told him seeing isn’t for me.
I know what comes next, I have to believe.
So I went back to bed to once again dream,
but insomnia wasn’t done with me.
Insomnia came crashing at my door last night,
he likes to think I need his light,
corners me when I’m too tired to fight.
I asked him what he wants this time,
he said, ‘I’m here for your unconscious mind,
there’s something hiding there I need you to find’.
‘Go away’, I said, ‘You’re becoming a swine’.
When will he learn these thoughts are mine,
‘When you stop fearing the signs’.
he thinks he’s so kind
doesn’t see I am fine.
Insomnia was still not finished yet,
he dragged me once again from my bed.
I sat and watched the stars instead,
as insomnia delved inside my muddled head.
He held me as darkness swarmed
as broken dreams enforced a storm,
whispered ‘It will soon be morn’.
As I closed my eyes and softly yawned

Karen Hayward ©2016

Krueger’s coming.


Haunted in my dreams
by a killer it would seem.
He’s marked me as his own
made his intentions known. He wanders through my home
leaves notes when I’m alone.
I hear there’s been another
as they detail how she suffered.
A loud bang pulls me from my sleep
I wander in the dark along the hallway I creep.
And I wonder what is safer,
sleep or pen and paper.

Karen Hayward ©2016

The shadow of the night.

The dark shadows have swarmed, a mist of emptiness hangs heavily as the demons from my dreams march up and down before my eyes. The outside Street lights have been plunged into darkness, a heavy damp void taps at the window begging to come inside. The ghostly ticking clock counting the grains of sand as the shadows move to its beat. That energy snaking through the forgotten corners unseen, edging ever closer, ever closer.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Sleep paralysis, frozen between worlds.

The heaviness pinning me against the bed. Eyes open I searched the darkness for my captor my eyes met only by the empty shadows. A scream, my scream, a high screech that penetrated where light particles refused to travel. No sound left my stilled body as I struggled against the unseen force holding me against my will. Nothing. With my eyes closed I slowly count, praying for the paralysis to release me, to let go its vice grip on me. My body aches, screaming against the heavy pressure of this unseen dream. Till suddenly I am without cover, my heart a rapid succession of broken beats and the shadows are falling upon me ready to relieve me of my soul. I cannot move and I feel the emptiness become me seeping into my heavy limbs my force ebbing away.

Karen Hayward ©2016