Spiralled ramblings

Tell you everything?
My thoughts are stolen
snippets of wordless
beliefs built on
empty searches of
knowledge and you
scare me. I am the
raw essence and you
are the knowing.
I am a voice, meek,
reaching and you wear
the markings of
of many teachers and
many pages and
many books. . .
Tell you everything
I think. . .
It is fear
I should own
no such thoughts
I should utter no
But I will, I fear
the shadowed
entity you see
when you look
at me
But fear is
my passion
Fear is my
Fear is my
power. . .
next time.
KH ©2018

Soft hues.


Blue hues
of beauty
cold concrete,
harsh realities
lost fantasies,
false prophecies,
The ego’s
The ego’s
Cold concrete
the soft hues
of love, spiralling,
delicate petals
lost on who’s breeze.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (image and words)


I tidy away mess, 

clearing clutter 

as if it will somehow 

penetrate my head, 

dust the darkest 

corners of my mind. 

I throw into the tin bin 

broken fragments of the 

past, I ponder whether the 

mind has a trash bin 

that can be retrieved 

at any point, or do the 

garbage men call weekly 

in my sleep to empty 

the contents. 

I air out dirty washing, 

throw what no longer fits. 

Iron out creases

 only to crease it differently 

as I fold it neatly.  

I watch as they take my hard work,

discard the neatness and

cram it thoughtlessly into

their open drawer, 

that refuses to close,

over flowing with creased 

garments, hinted memories

thrown together into a heap. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Reflective nuclear destruction.

Angry atoms sparking in retaliation reflecting the atrocities of battle scars. Open wounds bleeding profusely, crimson life force congealing on the broken steps of the great temple. Dark matter threatens to spill, black veil and a freign of indifference in which to spike your soul, a souvenir for the jar collection. Nuclear reactor, what does the atom care anyway, good, bad their roles are predefined by human hands. They can be anything we curve their existence into. 

Light cannot penetrate the obstacles of occurrence that dark matter shadow. So the atoms conspire to create a reflective surface, the continuum effect the great war of darkness a battleground of pain. The soldiers of broken esteem shooting constant rounds from guns of insecurity. But the atoms will not stop, the reflection must occur for the light to penetrate wholly. 

Dispersed, a ritual cleansing of the soul. Once broken they can recreate their form. Anger energising the sparks of revelations a nuclear reactor sits inside, the button calling out.
Karen Hayward ©2016 image and words. 

Old man.

Old man I see you walk the broken road

as morning rays of sun delve into the

shadows to reach you. Look up. Look

up and see what the world is offering.

Old man I watch you as you hobble past

your coat pulled in tight, I see the pain

that festers in your bones, I feel the

shame that rots inside your soul.

Old man, you know that I do see,

the glimmer is in your eyes that avert

and search the mottled concrete.

Old man, blessed are you with the beauty

of grace, I wonder now who you were

in your younger years when your body

was your own, your soul is etched

upon your face, in the eyes that do not

look, in the steps that back away, in the

hesitation at the world.

Old man look up, see you are not alone.


Karen Hayward ©2016