The oceans kiss

And then the ocean moved;
As if to embrace me,
With each ebb,
As if to kiss me. 
And with each swell
Pleading to hold me. 
Lapping the shoreline,
As if to calm me. 
And as I turned away,
I heard the ocean softly sob,
As if to miss me.

KH*©2017 March

No claim to image

Restless toes.

I am restless, the sea calls out to me
like a mother calling
her child and
I am burdened to answer my souls call.

I am restless craving the gentle ebb
of a silent tide creeping across sand
lulling toxic thoughts, offering lifes answers.

I am restless, my toes search for soft grains
my fingers yearn for his cold icy touch
my eyes need it’s endless horizon of hope.

I am restless, the sea calls out to me
on salty fog and the gulls crying song
and I am burdened to answer it’s call.

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image and words

Feel me as I become the waves…


Feel not the strength of my force
but the depth of my passion.
Feel me as I pull you under
the air pulled from your lungs
as I circle your body.
Feel me as you sink further in,
your eye’s lost in mine as I create a cyclone of desire.
Feel me as I devour your soul in one single wave of ecstasy.
Feel me as I wrap myself around your body,
feel me as excitement builds,
Feel me as my energy rises,
Fell me as my strength recovers,
Feel me as I explode against you in orgasmic rush.
Feel the depth of my passion as I pull you under.

Karen Hayward. 2015© Image and words.

Caressed by ebbing calm

Skin wore the essence of summer,
Kissed by waves, embraced by currents
A taste of salt and golden glitter.
Hair a tangled web of curls
Yellow weaves of Destiny
ocean eyes deep and fierce.
Those days were our making,
Druid souls seeped in Poseidon’s kingdom.
Bare foot stamping our mark upon this world,
etched forever into spirits
energised by Helios,
soothed by Selene
caressed upon those shores
by the oceans ebbing love.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image and words

Beats within the ebbing tide

I dive down deep swimming
between the throbbing waves
as the ocean embraces my curves.
Lose myself in the silent pull
of Poseidon’s love as he moves gently                                                                        through my wild mane of flaming hair
and there deep within his kingdom
I pause, feel the suffocation of desire
drowning my soul, igniting my spirit,
the burn of love within my chest that beats                                                            in search of rhythm. In search
of you and eyes I long to swim in.
The ocean kisses my porcelain skin
caressing my naked liberation…
Your ocean beats within my soul.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words 

Rainbow Reef.


To swim naked in the ocean of forever;
exploring forgotten shipwrecks, weaving
between rainbow reefs and diving to
the depths of beyond
as Neptune commands the waves to gently
caress my curves in a cyclone of passion.
Rays of golden sunlight reaching beneath
the waters edge, golden
glitter sparkling from above
I am lost in a sea of oblivion
my spirit singing an harmonic symphony.
Surrounded by beauty,
engulfed by passion
teasing my desire.
Swim with me,
naked, in the oceans of forever.

Karen Hayward ©2016


I dream of a sand filled setting sun.


Sun kissed skin,

eyes that sparkle blue

a hint of sun shimmering

on sea salt curls.

watching the setting sun.

Rays of golden heat traipsing

across my bare shoulder,

dancing through damp hair.

Sand covered legs,

shorts almost dry

skin prickling from the days heat.

Beside me, you.

As the sun drops from the skies,

the one that sees what I feel.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Only the Ocean.


At the oceans side I am but a heartbeat from you.

The ebbing tide whispers of my love in hushed

tones of an ancient lullaby and hope ignites within.

Gone are the miles that separate, now lays only

Poseidon’s kingdom and I am a child of the sea.

He grants me passage to you in wild day dreams

adorned with Lucid’s touch. The oceans breeze

carries your name to me, sea mist becomes the essence

that is you, as it swirls through my aura kissing

the flush of my cheek and I know in that moment

I have been kissed by love. No matter the grey

clouds for they will clear, the rain will purge old tears

collecting the grains of sand hurled through the

oceans storm,

until I am at your shore, stood at your feet

and sea mist shrouds us, as we are lost to

loves sweet embrace.

Karen Hayward ©2017