Thrust me into life. 

Would you pull me from my sleep

to fill me oh so deep?

Would you tantalise my nipples

and watch the pleasure as it ripples?

Would you brush away my hair

to kiss my lips so fair?

Would you wake me with your dick to 

show me that you care?

Would you thrust me oh so deep,

Pull me from my dreams. 

Wake me from this sleep

Take ownership of my screams. 

Would you wake me from my sleep?
Karen Hayward ©2016

Cream filled desire.

The silent whisper of musical notes skipping across my naked skin as your fingers tantalise and your lips leave a trail of lust filled kisses.

The deep lust filled thrust of need, searching inside for the moment of togetherness that sits at the tip of my clit at the tip of your dick. Deep thrusts…

Screams of passion tainting the air sucked from my lungs and dispersed into you in my glistening cum that soaks your glorious tongue.

And I am yours as lust entangles with desire and passion entangles with the soul and upon my knees
your creamy seed, you give to me.

Karen Hayward ©2016

A glance.

That glance, across a crowded room that whispers I’ll be fucking you soon.
The twitching lip
the tingling clit,
the growing dick…
The tiny glance of a precious tongue,
a silent promise of a night filled with cum.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands caressing hips.
Bra pulled aside
and in the fingers slide.

That moment when the world does stop,
as lips sink down that throbbing cock.
Deeper, deeper and deeper still
Eager always to get the fill.
Fingers entwined in flame red hair
Skin tingling so fucking aware.
This pleasure here’s for us to share.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands exploring hips,
Bra pulled aside,
and in the fingers slide.

Wordless exploration as fingers dig deep
Juices spilling over as the pussy does seep.
Licking lips and biting arse
going slowly, going fast.
Raising pressure overcomes
Fingers in and luscious tongue,
drinking fluid as she does cum.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands exploring hips.
Bra pulled aside,
and in the fingers slide.

Hard, deep fucking
Finger sucking,
Screams of pleasure
cumming at leisure.
That glance across a crowded room,
that whispers, I’ll be fucking you soon.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Bleeding out.

Strange how I’d like to devour your soul, tear it open and watch as the mechanical hands tick and fucking tock.
Devour it not with my fingers that ache to stretch across your skin or my lips curiously searching for your taste. I want to devour you not with my naked body or eager eyes. Strange how my soul wants to tear open your soul and watch as passion bleeds into you, as desire sweeps across our bodies an explosion of forgotten inhibitions. To let instinct replace knowing as our bodies entwine, expelling darkness creating a dark mass a void of time that stands still. Stillness as our spirit escapes the self imposed cages. Chaos confined to the outer universe, chaos spilling through us, chaos becoming us. A moment created in time  that cannot be defined, cannot be tamed, cannot be placed on a page alongside a tick box of descriptions. I’d like to devour you, create something pure and instinctual untainted by the cages of society.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Tantalising tales and devils tails.

Tear away my restrictions,
Tug of my skirt,
with urgency,
it won’t hurt.
Pull away my top,
Please don’t stop.
slowly peel away my
Stop when i am bare.
place my wrist
Against your lips,
Lay between my legs
No sex, not yet.
Feel my beating blood,
Whilst our bodies hug.
pin my arms against the bed,
For a moment,
I want to be led.
Tie me with soft crimson lace,
Then with your fingers,
every contour,
Every scar,
every freckle,
every inch.
Watch me as i move,
As i respond to your touch,
Do it slow, there’s no rush.
Discover me,
with your tongue,
I promise to return the fun.
Taste me, taste me as i lose all sense of myself and become, me,
Let me get one hand free,
Let me lead, let me free,
Let me up onto my knees.
Let me touch,
Without rush,
Without haste,
let me suck and lick
Your excited dick,
let me feel it move
Between my lips.
Run your fingers through
my hair,
without care.
Then let me on top,
touch me,
As i rock,
make me scream,
make me cum,
As you cum.
Take away, this destroying,