One liner Wednesday, two days later.

‘It really is ok to be scared, but it is not ok to stop trying because of the fear.’

Today is Friday (or so i’m told) I’m not brilliant at keeping track of the days. On Wednesday I came across a lovely blog, and a lovely lady (who very kindly stopped and explained to me how to ping, so fingers crossed I ping this post correctly) She was doing, ‘one liner Wednesday’, I read her post and thought, cool, great idea, I can do that! But I was busy cooking, and then cleaning, then getting the mini me ready for bed. I did have words swimming around in my head, trying to form a single sentence. It was only this morning as I walked my daughter to the doctors and we had a great chat, that the words finally managed to slip into place.
So, yeah it isn’t Wednesday any more, it’s actually Friday. This is a motto that I chant to my daughter, in many different ways, on a daily basis, she has super high anxiety and the entire world scares her… this is my contribution to one liner Wednesday.

‘It really is ok to be scared, but it is not ok to stop trying because of the fear.’

Now hopefully, I am pinging this correctly, if not i’ll be trying again.

This is the original post, great blog.

The Holidays.

Grey clouds and raindrops,
tip tapping at our day.
A fierce April chill,
is on its way.

Paint pots and paper,
glue sticks and pens,
cushion built forts,
and a princess den.

Soft sheets of felt,
so pretty and bright,
cut into piece’s , to
be what they might.

There’s glue in the
carpet, paint in my hair,
It’s only day one, and
we don’t really care.


January, February, March, April, May

Then i’d like to skip a month,

and sleep away the days.


Fresh life, beginnings, chances and love

the atroscities of envy

sent from up above.


January, February, March, April, May

Then i’d like to skip a month,

and sleep away the days.


Promises, lies, fantasies and fate,

The creation of an invalid world,

that leads to Satans gate.


January, February, March, April, May

Then i’d like to skip a month,

and sleep away the days.


Sacrifices, loss and loves that have been,

the past is long behind us,

but my heart always see’s.


Mummy, what is love?

One day my precious daughter will ask

‘Mum what is love?’ and I will say,

Love is everything and love is nothing.

Love is a trust that reaches beyond our

Realm, far into another universe. Love

is a respect that runs so deep constantly

Changing, growing and evolving. Love

is loyalty when the money is gone and

The nights are cold. Love is energy.

But most of all love is your reflection,

In the eyes of your partner. Love is equal

The scales never tipping, love is complete

Without regrets. Love makes you strong

Not weak. Love is pure not tainted.

another rant….

I saw a post this morning on facebook. It was not a nice post. I know there are millions of them out there, but this one really got my back up. I agree with the arguement that the administrator is trying to demonstrate. But I do not agree with the way she and her friends are going about it. The post got me thinking about the two different approaches to the different situations we come across in society. The facebook page, was set up to act as judge and juror, apparently naming and shaming terrible mums. But what gives any of these girls the right to pass that judgement? What exactly are they teaching there own children by acting in this way? As I have already said, I agree that there are some situations where by action is needed, but I am not sure how naming and shaming them, and basically having a one sided slanging match is really going to help anybody. Are we now creating a generation of children that will grow up believing that they possess the power to judge anybody around them as unfit. Will we end up with a generation of children who no longer know how to offer support, how to be empathic? Are we already there? We are all guilty of making mistakes in life, some mistakes are far bigger than others. The person in question has lost herself in a world of drink and drugs, action in regards to her parenting skills has occured. None of the girls who are judging her, can truely say I know how she feels each morning, I know why she is the way she is…….but they all feel worthy of judging and condeming her. What if one day, they screw up, they turn to drink and drugs, im sure they believe they would never do it, it couldnt happen to them, they are amazing, but what if it did. Im not saying that the person in the post is in the right, far from, im just saying we shouldnt be so judgemental of those around us. You never know if your own life might end up crumbling around your feet.

Rude people

Hello world, so today’s Blog comes courtesy of me being a little pissed of today, some might call it a blog entry and others might call it simply a rant!

So rude people, they seriously piss me of, now, they come in different forms, you have your, unable to ‘communiate efficiently so appear rude types’, and you have your ‘I think im better than you and so will not give you the time of day types’, my anger is not directed at those that for whatever reason are unable to articulate themselves in an efficient manner and so appear to be rude types, but rather at the others.

You see the thing that annoys me most, is people who are rude in public, especially when done in front of my child. These people think they rule over the path, and so obviously they automatically have right of way, and so have no need to acknowledge the fact that actually they have right of way on the path for the simple reason that I have given it to them, a simple nod, smile or thank you, would not hurt.

Do these people not see, that when a child is out in public they’re learning about the social rules that govern their society, if a child see’s enough times that adults perceive themselves as better than those around them and therefore as having automatic rights of way, without even a hint of acknowledgement, then that child will believe that to be the acceptable and normal behaviour expected of them in society.

I often wonder if those people who choose to not acknowledge when a person has given them the right of way, are the ones that go home and complain about the youth of today and how disrespectful they are and of course how it is all the parents fault? They don’t seem to acknowledge that they play their part in creating the youth of today, they choose to express inappropriate manners, and to influence what children learn in their own communities.

I teach my child to respect those around, i teach my child that they are equal to those around, I get great pleasure in seeing the faces of the shamed, as my child’s words echo through the air ‘that person didn’t say thank you, and i moved out of their way’. These people can believe themselves to be better than those around them, but a child see’s them through different eyes, simpler eyes, a child will judge an adult without hesitation, and their judgement is usually correct.