To hear the earth talk.

I dream of a deep turquoise lake. Sunlight skipping from edge to edge

leaving a trail of sparkling gold dust. I dream of soft lush grass of

deep green, each blade tickling my bare feet. Daisies growing wild

as far as the eye can see in beautiful curving waves besides dandelion

clocks that sway in the warm summer breeze. The serene melody of

the song thrush calling to her mate as the blue tit sings a chorus of love

beneath a cloudless sky of powder blue as dragon flies dance in

soundless rhythm chasing one other without care. As lady bugs pause

upon my hands and I count the black dots that contrast so beautifully

against their scarlet red skin before they flutter away. Here is where

I wish to lay, to pass away my day, eyes closed I can hear the earth

feel its mirth, hear the soft lapping water and feel the warm burning sun.

It is here that I can finally feel at one.

More tempting than the apple.

You are the tingle on my tongue,

the flutter in my blood,

the devil in my thoughts,

the trust in my spirit.

You are the words on

my page,

the visions in my dreams.

You are an apparition,


more tempting than the apple,

more rewarding than the tree.

and so





Further than I can see.

You grow upon another’s


Looking for the drifting wind,

to take you back to her again.

I can taste the flesh,

but not the apple,

I can drink the juice,

but not taste the flavour.





Ain’t my shit.

Ain’t a single thing you can say,

or date for you to play,

that’s gonna break my fucking soul,

I just wanna tell you,

just so you know,

I see the creeping eye,

I know the fucking lies.

Go ahead and play this game.

So you’ve forgotten my name,

and that’s okay,

cos when i leave you


on the ground

when you realise,

you’ve been found,

You gonna wish,

you gonna pray,

that you hadn’t


me this way.

But too late for


you made this

fucking mess.

Sometimes, it is the lyrics to a song, or the beat, or simply the way a song makes me feel that inspires me too write. This poem was inspired by these lyrics…

“Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I’d done
But I don’t wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know.”

(Lyrics from, Gotye, Somebody that I used to know.)

One liner Wednesday.

Keeping it short and sweet today, it’s that kinda day.


‘When it feels like the entire world is conspiring against you, take a bath and drown that shit!’

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Inner flames raining upon me.


Fire burns inside of my soul,
searing flames,
an eternal glow.