Lost in all but my ancient name.

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*from draftbox

No red flag blowing in a breeze of knowledge

at half mast as I jump from the cliff edge into the

jagged pool of broken glass. Hindsight is such a

glorious possession, we hold it captive deep within

our minds until long after the pain has healed

and we are clear from obstruction,

only then can we declare a deeper knowledge.

Young, the essence of Peter Pan still swarming in

my blood I stood upon the glass verge and plunged

headfirst into the crowd of faceless clones.

How I longed to be normal, to know a love

that transcended time and held me safely

within its hands caressing every contour of my soul.

Passion, the dying man’s feast at the devil’s table,

Satan has it set for two, never did he plan to invite you.

A baron temptress darkness seeped into

the hollow spaces of my spirit,

the moon no longer spilled crystal dust

across my naked skin, Helios hung is head

in shame as I was lost in all but my ancient name.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Portal of my mind. Photo prompt. 

I watch you through the portal.of my mind

as you weave indifference across the page. 

The bellwether rings, her little finger is lonesome. 

You leave behind a trail of wanton lips, lost gazes and exasperated sighs.

I slip my fingers through the safety net of words you created to stop my fall

They are written in hb pencil, I have an eraser.

I wonder as I feel the familiar tingle and pull as I search in my mind for my dark place,

Are you aware you penetrate the psyche? Are you aware when you penetrate my mind and divert my thoughts? 

Either way doesnt matter, I create a shield this time that keeps you out. I am left wondering if it worked. 

I watch through the portal of my mind, from the window seat beneath an ethereal moon.

Peter playing in Neverland.
This is a photo prompt from g+ I will link it up in a short while 😀.

Perfect fantasy.

The essence of darkness is tantalising the tip of my pen,
pleading that I write till the very end.
Wendy, had upon her lips the hint of a kiss,
Kiss my lips, feel the hint of this wish.
Fly me to a far away lands,
where we’ll lay naked on abandoned sands.
Beneath roaring skies and a flaming sun,
We’ll have raw, uninhibited fun.
Take me in arms of desirous lust,
give me your soul with every thrust.
Crush the existence of reality,
fall to the page,
be my perfect fantasy.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Peter Pan, don’t ever stop believing.

This should have been your name,
at the start of the game.
Fit for a king,
that life would bring.
I sometimes forget,
To let,
You know what i think.

You remind me of roses,
And cherries and sand and mud and skies and dying lights up above.

So i’ll tell you, i like you,
It’s true.
I like your honest tongue,
The way your mind has fun.
i like that my little red
Likes to explore you in my head.
I like that,
In a million faces,
A million voices,
A million thoughts,
I get to share with the
Single one
That has
Splendid heart,
Did you know?
You’re an open book,
Your soul on your sleeve,
But i see your spirit trapped,
Beaten and whacked,
One day, you are going to crack.

You are a reflection,
of the infection
of life filled with strife.
Still not grounded down,
Your spirit hiding behind the frown.
One day you will wear your crown,
and dance around,
Like Peter Pan,
A grown man.