Linzhou, Henan province - a 300ft spiral staircase to give Chinese tourists a taste of the high life - as long as you don't have a heart condition.

I’ll love you discretely
Whisper your name from
Mountain peaks as I wander
Freely between tree tops.

I’ll count the seconds
between our distance,
Tally up the atoms
Collect them like thoughts.

I’ll store them from sight
In coveted shadows
To be looked at by night
In twilights lonely hour.

I’ll love you with each beat
Of my timeless heart.
As my lungs inflate
And as air departs.

I’ll love you in silent kisses
And screams so loud.
In gentle touches
And lust so proud.

I’ll love you from cloud tops
beneath emerald skies
between day dreams
On falling rain drops.

I’ll love you like the pheonix
On the verge of rebirth,
I’ll love you like the Eagle
Flying high above
the earth.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image found on pinterest

Chrysalis transformation of beauty.

The switch came with a level

of ease that only the broken know.

It had lay there dormant before your


you never saw and you never see.

I always wondered how the transformation

would occur,

and when,

and now,

now your eyes see an

entire world and no longer

they see me.

Did you ever see the chrysalis?

It was always your creation,

never could you have dreamed

of the butterfly I would become.

The pheonix rising from the ashes.

So much pain, so many lies,
The brave girl cries.
So many dreams, stolen away, promised for some other day. The deep penetrating, punishment of silence, of angry words, so much doubt put inside my head, that should never have been said. But now, now as i learn to fly, you question why, why i no longer fight, why i stay out of sight. I am the pheonix rising from the ashes, i am the weed that blooms in the harshest places, i am me, and i shall break free.