Oh Kiss Me.

karenspicturepromptKiss me with lips so tender and passion so wild.

Here beneath falling flakes in an echo-less

moment of divine beauty. Kiss me, on ancient

grounds, feel the essence of ancestors,

feel the whispers of our druid sisters as they

chant an incantation of love upon winters breeze.

A promise of springs new born breath blossoming

within our hearts. Kiss me,

kiss me with passions embrace, with a joyous love

celestial in nature transcendent in beliefs listen

beyond our realm to the beat of a folktale long ago told

of fairies wings and glittered dust of finest diamonds

sprinkled upon the young at heart and old of soul.

Oh kiss me, here beneath falling snow, oh kiss me,

dear love, kiss me.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)

Take my hand the creator says.

‘You need only take my hand’.

he said.

‘It’s yours’.

I peer out from my monochrome shadows.

Only? I say.


Only I don’t say anything because

we both

know it is a statement of fear

and not a question.

Still I feel the warmth of his

presence upon me.

I have no questions only the

rapid beating of my heart

the rising pain that cuts at mt throat

as for a moment I am filled with hope.

He says I must only take his hand and I

can walk into a world of colour.

Only, it’s not my hand the creator wants.

He wants my blind faith.

He begs for my un-moving trust.

He pleads for my devoted love.

He wants my thoughts, my love, my hopes my desires.

He wants the sins I have lusted for to burn in the fires.

He wants my tears, my kindness, my hope,

he wants every idea i am able to sow.

‘You need only take my hand’. He says.

‘and it’s yours.’

I dip back into the shadows

one hand on the door edge

the other…


Karen Hayward ©2016



Portal of my mind. Photo prompt. 

I watch you through the portal.of my mind

as you weave indifference across the page. 

The bellwether rings, her little finger is lonesome. 

You leave behind a trail of wanton lips, lost gazes and exasperated sighs.

I slip my fingers through the safety net of words you created to stop my fall

They are written in hb pencil, I have an eraser.

I wonder as I feel the familiar tingle and pull as I search in my mind for my dark place,

Are you aware you penetrate the psyche? Are you aware when you penetrate my mind and divert my thoughts? 

Either way doesnt matter, I create a shield this time that keeps you out. I am left wondering if it worked. 

I watch through the portal of my mind, from the window seat beneath an ethereal moon.

Peter playing in Neverland.
This is a photo prompt from g+ I will link it up in a short while 😀.

Summer land.

Inspiration from a photoprompt can be found here


I have always heard the soft whisper of

wide open spaces calling to me.

Their sacred whispers caught between the leaves

on the morning breeze. My heart beating as I approach and the

excitement bubbles inside. This freedom

is a drug and I am the addict lost in the labyrinth.

I’ve pondered sitting on the grass

with ants crawling across my pale

legs, is this muted silence what heaven sounds


I like to think it is.

It feels like home, here I feel the beating wings

of my angels as rays of sun tickle across my skin.

I have known loneliness in my life,

I have known silence.

I have known a darkness that strips away your soul.

Yet sitting by myself in this field I know only love

and togetherness and peace. My soul is home

my soul is at peace.


Karen Hayward ©2016