Dislocated Jaw thoughts and taking for granted the smallest of things.

Today’s thought is about our ability to talk, to sing, to laugh and how we often take this for granted…at least I take it for granted. On average I probably smile and laugh about 99% of my day, simply because I see beauty all around me and because I love the way it makes me feel, I talk constantly and often to myself and in my opinion there is no better feeling then to burst into song (I can’t sing, i’m tone deaf i’m sure, but this does not bother me in the slightest.) And then it happened, right there at the beginning of the summer holidays, when I should have been at my very best; screaming, shouting, laughing, singing and talking was the very foundation of our summer plans…I dislocated my jaw. I couldn’t do single thing, I couldn’t eat or drink or laugh or smile, I couldn’t even cry, I couldn’t sing or even talk and each day I saved all my energy for those small moments with my daughter where  I would whisper to her that she was my world. Never in my life have I appreciated my jaw movement more than in those dark and dismal days. Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that not being able to talk or sing or laugh does not come naturally to me and so as my jaw healed I was eager to start using it again…and I dislocated the opposite side. I went on to dislocate it another two times, so four times in total in a 6 week period. I spent the summer holidays in a diazepam haze, trust me it’s a very lonely haze to be in. Thankfully my lovely physio has been able to beat the hell out of me and I do now have my lovely jaw movements back, and my god am I loving it. I shall never, ever take for granted my lovely beautiful jaw again!!