Linear effects of too much caffeine

If seconds were miles you’d be only hours from me and kisses would be promises made sealed on lips made of love and eyes spiralling into the oceans depths of always.

If the ocean were only a puddle I’d wait bare foot in warm springs, mist carrying to me your smile on passions embrace our laughter dancing between the falling drops of time.

If time were linear and this dimension melded with another I would hand pick our time lines crossing our paths in ferocious braids, braids braiding into braids.

If loves true divinity is the marking of our spirits chaos, cyclonic
grains of sand will slip through oceans neck into the palms of open hands sealing dreams of old, paving dreams of new.

And if the miles were seconds I’d own your kisses, if the oceans were puddles you’d taste my laughter, if time were linear and dimensions crossed our paths…

But they are… entwined and in moments blessed the miles disperse into split atoms caressing the curve of my hip on your tongue as kisses taste of a love divine…

For our souls know nothing of miles only beats within the chest, fluttering rapidly.
Our souls know nothing of oceans or falling rain just the shared essence of hope. And perhaps deep within our psyche we are learning spiritual truths
on the unseen essence of love.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Free me.

Take me to the dungeons 

walk me in the night, 

bind my hands above me, 

whip away my light. 

Watch me as I smile, 

watch me as i cry, 

turn my world to blackness 

beneath thunderous skies. 

Push me to the edges, 

push away my walls, 

wipe away my snigger 

watch me as I fall. 

Sooth away the pain 

with pleasure as it flows, 

leave me burning red 

with an afterglow. 

Stop only when you win, 

when all of me is lost, 

when you look into my eyes 

and no longer you see frost. 

Stop when I am yours, 

sat obediently at your feet 

seeing in your eyes

that I am finally free.
Karen Hayward ©2016

A glance.

That glance, across a crowded room that whispers I’ll be fucking you soon.
The twitching lip
the tingling clit,
the growing dick…
The tiny glance of a precious tongue,
a silent promise of a night filled with cum.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands caressing hips.
Bra pulled aside
and in the fingers slide.

That moment when the world does stop,
as lips sink down that throbbing cock.
Deeper, deeper and deeper still
Eager always to get the fill.
Fingers entwined in flame red hair
Skin tingling so fucking aware.
This pleasure here’s for us to share.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands exploring hips,
Bra pulled aside,
and in the fingers slide.

Wordless exploration as fingers dig deep
Juices spilling over as the pussy does seep.
Licking lips and biting arse
going slowly, going fast.
Raising pressure overcomes
Fingers in and luscious tongue,
drinking fluid as she does cum.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands exploring hips.
Bra pulled aside,
and in the fingers slide.

Hard, deep fucking
Finger sucking,
Screams of pleasure
cumming at leisure.
That glance across a crowded room,
that whispers, I’ll be fucking you soon.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Incandescent love of rain.

I dash into the overgrown garden

to grab in drying washing as drops of

rain pebble across the pink fleece.

For a moment I pause and let the

coldness fall onto my face, eyes searching

the skies as this instinctual pleasure rises

in me. I must decide. The dry washing

or a moment spent in utter abandonment.

My soul wins again.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Vannilla clouds with a dash of rich toffee sauce.

Lay with me on a soft white cloud,
Let the cool, fresh, untainted air
Wash across our bare skin.
Let nothing matter,
Let nothing in.
Lay with me and let us do nothing,
and everything.
Let us explore what lays behind,
These curious thoughts in our mind.
Give, one another pleasure,
of the body,
the spirit,
and the mind.
Lose time with me,
Hours, days, weeks and months,
Lose all sense with me,
Lay with me on a soft white cloud.