Beats within the ebbing tide

I dive down deep swimming
between the throbbing waves
as the ocean embraces my curves.
Lose myself in the silent pull
of Poseidon’s love as he moves gently                                                                        through my wild mane of flaming hair
and there deep within his kingdom
I pause, feel the suffocation of desire
drowning my soul, igniting my spirit,
the burn of love within my chest that beats                                                            in search of rhythm. In search
of you and eyes I long to swim in.
The ocean kisses my porcelain skin
caressing my naked liberation…
Your ocean beats within my soul.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words 

Poseidon lay upon me your gentle ocean kisses.


Salty whisper of an ancient knowing creeps across my skin,

forgotten kisses of the ocean, Atlantis calling me home. Atlas,

where now is your Father, Poseidon? For I beg his attendance.

Rise now, King, to your rightful throne among the waves and

I shall swim in your embrace your essence entangled within

the interwoven matrix of my spirit. Poseidon hear now

my wishes, lay upon my skin your gentle ocean kisses.


Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)