Eeyore and mugs….ramble.

Some mugs (cups) are meant to stay in your life forever, some not so much. Is it odd that I still have the same cup I had over ten years ago? It’s an Eeyore mug :). I remember when I was working in Watford I brought the most luxurious scarf and gloves set from the Disney shop, it was pale blue cashmere with Eeyore on and they felt like heaven, they smelt like a thousand memories. I wonder how moments were caught between the knitted weave. Sigh, my Mother In Law who apparently is the perfect house fucking wife, washed them in the washing machine…I cried, I cried over materialistic possessions, I cried because she had no right to touch them, I cried because she had washed away the scent that kept me strong when I felt weak. I cried because she had known what she was doing…(in my opinion of course.) I cried because they were ruined, the softness gone, they had shrunk, they were nothing, all memories washed away. I cried because I always consider another persons feelings before my own…I cried because I learned that day that some people don’t and some people are simply vindictive.  Anyway back to the mug, some mugs are meant to stay in your life, my daughter brought me a beautiful owl mug (Owls are my thing 🙂 ) for my birthday, and i’ve just dropped it on the floor four times in a space of five minutes and that baby is still crack free….hell yeah!!! 🙂 Just wanted to share 🙂1457530_10151806467338178_1698705729_n

:)….see how pretty were they!!! That’s my lil sis with me. This is also actually my natural hair colour, it looks really dark in the pic, it isn’t actually that dark, in the summer it turns strawberry blond though.


Karen Hayward ©2016