Multiverse of possibilities.

Collaboration between myself and a very talented poet/writer/creator Blueflamez.

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Forget the Ink, forget the page.. Let us entwine thoughts

and become the very essence of poetry. We’ll dedicate the

blank spaces between letters to the creation of our realities

based upon our fantasies. Quills together in shared unison,

a creative rush of chaotic lunacy…the building blocks of

moral sanity a pandemic thought spread throughout

humanity.Think about the concept, the art, those same

words embedded in your mind, the margin, the heading,

the facts you can piece together, and tear apart. The real

challenge is shaping up and breaking down the mental

blocks that can hold you back, only to channel that creative

spread that surrounds you, and unlock that potential.

Harness the power of a world within the world, the multiverse

of possibilities, choices, to see the mirror image of who

you were, to the person you’ve become. You are the pages,

you are your eternal life of spoken truths, and written fantasies,

your signature is your personality as your greatest work of all.

The letters of your existence a strong hold of knowing,

unknowing becoming and undoing. Call your name into

the cosmos, start with an inaudible whisper if you must,

there is no rush. Say it, shout it, call it from heavens bed

sign your essence across the skies of men.

Sign your soul across the minds of man.

Karen Hayward & poetryflamez ©2017

Image Karen Hayward ©2017

Find more of poetryflamez work here.




Power in silence.


There is power in silence,

it echo’s through the soul

shattering the crevices of existence.

Weaving a cage of dysfunction,

unspoken words become haunting

thoughts lingering beneath rocks

of the mind bleeding into the

essence of being.

There is power in silence.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Random thoughts.

Random thought of the day, rather then concentrating on dance steps this is what I was thinking about…..

I wonder if there is anything more fascinating then the way boobies do jiggly thing when you dance, walk, move, laugh….breathe…..note to self, really need to make sure I’m wearing a sports bra or at least a supportive top for line dancing! 😀😀😀😀😈

Dear universe, really? freeweite of random thoughts.

So it’s been an odd couple of days, you know, so yesterday i got half way through the day looked up and thought really universe, really! So firstly a friend did a vanishing act, poooof, entire profile gone, including the youtube songs that i love! Anyway, instinct said, nout to worry about, so left them to find their way back. Because sometimes, that is exactly what needs to happen. Popped onto facebook to answer some rather random questions from the mum, looked down at my messages and thought, wow, got myself another facebook user….it still surprises me how often people block me on facebook, it’s a little like they don’t like what I have to say, now admittedly in the past it has tended to be fellow students, (yesterdays block was not a student, but rather someone that is proving nothing by blocking…or perhaps proving everything.) Anyway, you know what bugs me? serial blockers, and the ‘bye’ i’m leaving facebook peeps, really? Ok then go, don’t make a show!..Anyhoot, what to do,what to do, what to do, you see, this isn’t the first time, i got blocked whenever i refuse to walk on the egg shells he has kindly put out for me, and within a few days he is usually back, pretending it didn’t happen…but i’m thinking, enough, i may just block them back this time, life just aint a game, i proper hate game players!…Anyway the day actually got worse (or better, mum, if you ever read this i mean better), turns out the odd random questions were for a reason, my mother is thinking of visiting at the weekend…gonna be plenty of you thinking, well that’s a good thing, and it is, but i see her once a year, May, May a month and a half ago, its not been a year, so why the visit, at first i thought oh yeah the new dog, she wants it to play in the sea, then i thought, well hold on, i aint great at geography, but you live a hundred miles away, i am pretty sure you have beaches closer too you….grrrr, so why the fuss? Why does this idea of a visit from mummy bother me? Well….perhaps another day, i gotta clean this place from top to bottom, change my entire appearance, prepare a five year plan and fill the freezer with a months worth of wholesome home cooked dinners….and even then it won’t be good enough. Still, it has me in a tissle, she’s my mum, and she wants to see me, and of course this makes me happy……seriously, dear universe of ours, why do some people hold the power to get us in a tissle? Answers on a post card, peeps!!?
Anyway i gotta go eat some space invaders…and choccie buttons …mixed together and make the most of being home alone :-).

Blood related rant!

Blood tests, you either love them or hate them, right? nah, didn’t think so, you see people make these assumptions that if you fall into the hate group it’s gotta be because you’re needle phobic, and out come all the little, perfectly kind (but wasted on me) lines about how it’ll only be a little prick…No, no seriously just no. You ever seen a grown girl cry? scream? Ha ha reckon i’ve even sobbed on ocassion. It is not just a little prick, it is a stab, a forceful stab that cuts deeper than any other pain i have ever known. But it only hurts for a second….that’s another favourite line, again no. As a girl, i’ve endured a handful of blood tests over my time and i’ve learned a few things, never, ever let an inexperienced nurse or doctor anywhere near my veins. They simply have no idea…arm strapped, they look, turn my arm, look some more, suck in some air, tap, tap somemore, relax your arm, tense your arm and finally without even a single idea of where abouts that lovely elusive purple line of mine is they stab, hard. Rarely do they get the vein, so they try again, and again, then we get to swap arms, needles too sometimes, nothing like a butterfly needle to make you feel like a grown up! And then the killer line, that makes me want to shout and scream, oh you don’t like needles? Why don’t they ever see that my issue isn’t with the needle, christ i sit and watch, i watch as they prepare the needle i watch as they pierce my skin, and when they finally get the vein i watch as my delicious crimson red blood fills the tube…ok so i actually feel a little sad when my blood goes into the tube, that is me, my blood after all :-). 
Oh and the stinging, no one mentions the stinging as they suck away your blood, a deep burning sting. So yeah i geuss i’m in the hate group, jus not for the reasons every one thinks, i’ll give myself a week, maybe two too mentally prepare for the torture that is needle pain, and who knows perhaps in that very small amount of time, someone, somewhere will discover a pain free way of extracting blood.