Hydrate the universe with fallen tears. 

Break me, 

take these tears 

let them hydrate the universe.

Break me, 

take all light,

plunge me into the depths 

of darkness let my shadow 

lead the way. 

Break me.

Break me make clear my 

Path once more

So I may rise, pure

And as fine as the 

Phoenix rises from the ashes. 

Break me. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Image found on Pinterest. 

Create a pocket of escapism.

I need a hole in time.
I need to rip open the
vortex of reality and
mold myself a corner.
A creation of fantasy
based on reality that
escapes the daily grind
of realism. A safe haven.
Away from prying eyes,
where I can become lost,
lost in you, lost with you.
I need a crack in the universe
to slip through, a black
hole designed purely for
me. I need a pocket of sand
where I can connect, at
ease, at peace, guilt free.
I want a dark lagoon where
I can explore the darkness
where I can watch and show
and take and be, a little
space for only me, a little
place where we can be.

Karen Hayward ©2105.