Vanilla and rhubarb.

You got me thinking the other day
as we sat talking
about the first day
we ever met. Only,
it wasn’t the first time,
we had sat in the same classroom day after day,
me at the back
with too much to say, and
that was only, on the days when i wasn’t away.
Your hair was brown,
mine dyed black or blonde maybe,
Your eyes grey,
Mine a deep eternal blue,
Neither of us had a clue.
Your voice a whisper,
As my laughter echoed between the brown plastic chairs.
Your eyes pleaded and I could sense your fear,
So I told you yes,
What you wanted to hear,
I warned you to stay back,
He wasn’t your type,
He was rotten to the core,
You told me you wanted more,
asked me to go with you
We were opposites, it’s true.
But that day,
In that class
When you timidly asked,
you had no idea of the
That this girl,
Walked in, with its,
Drink and its drugs,
And friends, that were thugs.
We drank through the nights,
Slept in abandoned sites.
I soothed your tears,
told you,
What you needed to hear,
As he broke your heart, like i said he would,
From the start.
I helped you up,
You wanted more,
It wasn’t enough.
We danced with the universe,
Drank with the stars,
spirits woken, we
Met the broken,
All because,
we had finally spoken.