Choices, they have to be made

the game of life, it has to be played.

Stagnated, soured water and death

avoid all choices, and its all you have left.

Heart breaking decisions beyond all reason,

a heart that never changes, unlike the seasons.

It soon turns to ice learns only to hate

until you are knocking at the devils gate.

Choices they have to be made,

the game of life, it has to be played.

So be brave, my dear life soldier,

or else your precious soul grow colder.

Fear not the repercussions, but regret,

it will follow you, never to forget.

Karen Hayward ©2012 Edited 2020 Image and words

Regret, a world of debt.

Two people,
One choice,
One voice.
Eighteen years
and counting,
Constantly counting
The regrets,
Words said.
Eyes missed,
A good memory,
In amongst a
World of bad.
Two lives affected,
Choices made,
debts paid,
to the past,
to the demons,
No regrets,
no, wish i’d saids,
No wondering
What if, what about,
no regrets, i did shout.
So full of
What did i do!
But never choosing,
Always hating,
But never deciding…
i don’t think you will
Ever see, i am worth
The fighting,
The lightening,
So many words,
but never action,
I am purely a distraction.
Thanks, for the
That you played a blinder,
Eighteen years,
You’ve held onto that regret,
when all you ever had to do
Was pay back the debt.

The past, forever in my present.

I walked past,
Your old house today,
I should have
A different way.
I tried to not look up,
At the window,
Where we whispered.
I glanced by the door,
That i stood at, when i
Knew i still wanted more.
Your shadow is everywhere,
It haunts me everyday,
The path that i walk,
The field where i play.
The sound of the lights ,
A bike with fight,
an early morning sky,
At least I no longer cry.
It got easier with time,
and i know that you say,
In your mind you are mine,
But, i had to let go,
you understand,
I know,
Without flight,
you’ve lost the fight.
I can’t be number two,
Not even for you.

A moments weakness.

A moments weakness.

As I whisper,
I wish you could hear me,
Be near me.
As I whisper,
Into a dark and desperate world
I am empty, in this great void.
I close my eyes, and dream
Of another world, another time,
Where you are mine.
As I whisper, into the lonely night
I wonder if I will ever catch sight,
Of my dreams in this reality,
Where darkness rules and light
Cowers, frightened in a corner.
As the darkness pulls me under,
The cold snuggling against my bones,
And my heart turns a frosted shade of black,
I wonder if you know, I want you back.