The ancient pull of aura

It tugs at me
pulling at strings
caressing thoughts
embracing shadows
There’s a part of me
that isn’t sure
a part that coverts
not peas in a pod
Not similar
not the same
More like two
sides of the
same coin
Yin and yang
a mirrored reflection
Yes, the same source
and the missing parts.
There’s a part of me
that isn’t sure,
that we haven’t kissed
on times path
along some far of
sandy shore.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image from WordPress library

Reincarnated paths.


Would you memorise the constellations of my imperfections as your eyes trail across my skin? Would you see them as the markings of ancient beauty?  Would you recognise my reincarnated path through the freckles on my hand?
Would you look into my eyes and see the many faces of my disguise? Would you recognise them, the atoms of my aura, would they teasingly tantalise your soul with their depth of knowledge and the knowing of having only just discovered, rediscovered, would you know? Would you recognise the imperfections s of my body, of my spirit, of my soul, would you know, would you love me anyway?

Karen Hayward ©2016 image and words.

Thoughts of an ancient heart.

things pop into my head,
Things that I have done,
Things that I have said.
I wonder why they were,
What led me to that choice,
why all of a sudden,
I raised my gentle voice.
What was it that I saw,
I ask myself again,
Eyes firmly on the floor,
when you were a simple name.
Or was it in the words,
That fell upon my mind,
What was it that I heard,
to recognise my kind.
And if it wasn’t what I saw,
and it wasn’t what I heard,
Then what made me open up,
That broken, battered door.
So I think about it all,
What led me through the days,
What left me feeling muddled,
In an unknown haze.
And that’s when I see,
It wasn’t what I saw,
It wasn’t what you said,
It was the recognition,
of an ancient memory,
Deep inside my head.

Take a risk, number five card.

The number five card,
Reveals my path,
My reason
For breathing.
Look hard,
At the cards,
You have nothing
To lose,
Just choose.
The number
Is right.
In spite,
And it might be scary,
it might get lairy,
And i haven’t a godmother,
That is a fairy.
But the card is right,
It’s the link that i miss,
I have to learn,
To take some bloody