Controversies of a phallic belief


…and now you believe you know my story
the controversies of your phallus ideology
fearing the void of a blood soaked page,
etched markings of scars left to age,
tear-less, these eyes lay dry
haunting the clouds of a melancholy sky.
choking life from collapsed veins.
memories of when the floods last came.
An empty vial, a constructed belief
an idiots guide to phallic relief.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Expressions slip across lubricated tongue. 

Words slip from my tongue 

Like kisses to the celestial skies

And wishes on dandelion seeds.

Passion spills like water from 

A fountain, rain in spring 

And puddles with tip tapping ripples. 

Goodness, need seeps from 

My mind with careless desire

Taking me higher…

It’s a choice you see, igniting 

Flames, choosing life

Not cold, blessings given

My soul leaks into my 

Existence ignoring my 

Resistance, devouring my 

Mind it is so very insistent! 

Thoughts escape the confines 

Of my mind.
Karen Hayward ©2017

Oh my goodness you are a…

Oh my goodness you are a slut 

The gods laugh as they watch you strut. 

Prostitution is the oldest trade…

You know, at least, that’s what they say. 

Your heart so black your soul so mottled

I wonder does that posion come in a bottle?

Clever little pen 

clever little pen 

stroke it baby for you have a friend!

Lonesome fear spoilt brat

You’re the remnants that the devil spat.

Karen Hayward ©2016


The simplicity of thought penetrates the mind, intentions speaking louder than the letters that form words. The uncontrollable flush that spreads through my veins awakening my skin, awakening the passion that hides deep within. Rationality leaves my mind as the air leaves my lungs and passion escapes my lips desperately trying to contain the deep radiating need that is spreading through me. I cannot contain it all, I cannot stop myself from throbbing, I cannot stop the pooling of my need, I can not stop my muscles aching for your passion, I cannot stop it, I take a deep breath and let the essence of you disperse through me. The hint of you will remain against my skin, it will linger waiting to be caressed, waiting to be released. The simplicity of your thoughts penetrate my mind, disabling my faculties and enabling the essence of my spirit.
Karen Hayward ©2016 

Coffee and Cake.

This is a collaboration piece between myself and a great poet Ron Bergquist, you can discover his amazing works over here at his Blog Ron Bergquist  he writes raw and real no bullshit pretty bows, go check him out :). Him and his work is like a breath of fresh air :).

I say we wrote it, but actually he coaxed the words from me pulling them out from the depths of writers block he then spun his amazing web of thought around them and created this little masterpiece. He did all the hard work, I just sat about drinking coffee and looking pretty.

Thank you Ron, your encouragement was immensely appreciated.


Take me away on the whisk of a date,

Where space goats meet us drunk at the gate

sipping thimbles full of wine’


Coffee and cake,

take  – this blank canvas,

make it our page.


I like the invitation to write verse together;

as we pause with a finger

to our jaw in awe

of each other;

ooze over each other;

as we contemplate the deeper meanings of life


These animals debate our fate:

feed us from the bars of our cage;

Let’s fill it together with creative rage,

In that perfect way that you and me engage.


If only I could speak as fancy as I THINK

as fast as I THINK fancy thoughts!


“little thimbles;

wine, coffee and cake”


We could speak our minds on the spot –

be energetic and kinetic –

let it all linger.

Or do

1 shot, 2 shots 3 shots


oblivion knocks at the door;


The torrid torment of societies fucked up illusions!

The faceless sheep scrambling for the pedal stool of confusions;

fuck this delusion

fucking loud mouth intrusion

you’re in no position to be

dissin’ me!

so  please be still and shit!

Sit and spit ill wit –  as we contemplate;

plausible fantasy based off our torrid reality;


won’t you sit and sip wine from a thimble

with me?

Eat cake and drink some tea?

As goats sit pretty and try to define,

our destiny.


©Ron Bergquist and Karen Hayward 2016

Deep inside my mind.

Envelope me in a moments rush, caress my body with the perfect touch. Write desire across my skin with trails of kisses, then erase them with your tongue. Pull my naked body close to yours, beg me for a moment more. Feel me, share my space entirely, fill me. Reach deep inside of me and caress the essence of my soul, deep and hard setting fire to my skin, feeling what this brings as pleasure rises up and through me, wave after wave.  Hold me as I fall apart. Hold me as I pause and let my mind be at one. Hold me whilst I regain my fight. Lay inside my space let our energies intertwine, let’s enjoy this giddy feeling deep inside my mind.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

I’m starting to see.

Am starting to wonder

how life did plunder

the shine in my eyes

when I look to the sky.

I’m starting to think

it all changed in a blink

I lost sight of myself

it’s so bloody stealth.

I’m starting to see

I wasn’t set free.

I was shackled to life

head filled with strife.

I’m starting to know,

this isn’t my show,

I know what I need

you and your seed!

Oh i need to let go

rewrite our show

give it back the flow

both fast and slow!


Karen Hayward © 2015