Today I shall call you petal,
the delicate bloom of beauty
I will tell you, your eyes are
radiant, oceans of love, you
will giggle and say, we have
the same eyes mum and I
will smile. I will not tell you
that the depth in mine is
a lifetimes scars and yours,
your depth of blue is the
skies, innocent and pure.
Today I will call you petal,
my gentle blue blossom
peeling away layers your
heart atomized into
a fragrant love that
disperaes upon the suns
rays. Today I will call you
my petal, my love, my
favourite flower whispering.
into each day with silken
pleats of beauty. Yes,
today my darling gal,
I will call you my petal.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image and words

Peel back my petals. 

Peel back my petals reveal my inner beauty. Revel at my pinkness explore my heavenly hue. Breathe in my soft and subtle scent let it disperse across your mind. Caress my curves with your loving fingers, tease out my shy edges that hide in the shadows. Peel back my petals look upon my inner beauty. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Floral golden shower.

The fallen petals of the red rose
of love, passion that burns deeper
than desire. The rush of crimson blood.
Lust on your glistening lips
sin on your finger tips.
The reason why the soul tears and rips,
Why your heart beat rises and dips,
the cause of your hardened dick.
The soft scent of the rain drenched rose,
floral sweetness that only your soul knows
naked petals falling to the ground,
decadence, perfection found
in the crimson petals that fall from the flower,
floral scented in summers golden shower.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Chaos theory in bloom.


Lilies of white,
Fear and fright.

Roses of red,
lust fuelled bed.

Violets of blue,
Thoughts that are true.

yellow sun flowers,
and power.

I fill my dreams with all of these,
And buzzing bees,
With the colour of life,
That blurs the strife.
The universe essence,
Always in my presence.
Reminding me of lessons,
Of the past,
That went so very fast.
Of the present,
that is truly a blessing.
Of the
Writing itself
As we speak,
No way to peek,
Even know if it’s
We truly
All along the
Fresh colours
Beneath a powerful
Transformation and change,
Are all within range,
it feels strange,
And good,
Like an over read